Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 4’ Reportedly In Trouble

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Tom Holland might be the first Spider-Man to grace the screen with a fourth solo movie, but the movie might get delayed if things don’t get ironed out.

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Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has gone through a dramatic change after Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). His aunt died. The world can’t remember Peter Parker leaving Holland’s Spidey to live among his friends as a stranger. He now wears a traditional Spider-Man suit to fight crime, and his days as an Avenger might be over.

Spider-Man isn’t interested in going to another planet to save the world. Since Tony Stark is dead, he has no direct contact with the Avengers, and it’s unlikely they will call up a teenager to fight for them. This is perfect because the MCU needs a Spider-Man to fight for his neighborhood and be the web-slinger that protects New York. With villains like Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) lurking around, the city needs heroes like Spider-Man.

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For Spider-Man 4, some sources believe that Kingpin will be the villain and that the movie will cover the aftermath of Daredevil: Born Again as Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock/Daredevil will help Spider-Man defeat Fisk. While this team-up would be amazing, Cox and D’Onofrio are already lined up to film Born Again for all of 2023, leaving no room for the two actors to film for Spider-Man 4 unless they filmed the two projects back to back.

Born Again is 18 episodes long, meaning that the series is no joke for Disney+ as the biggest project up to date. Daredevil might be the most popular super hero, but the Marvel Netflix show made him one of Marvel’s most loved heroes in recent years.

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Now, a new source from The Cosmic Circus, Alex Perez, shared some news about Spider-Man 4, stating that the project could be announced soon, but it has to be from Sony, and Marvel Studios isn’t done ironing out the details for the project:

I also everyone really wants an update on whether or not #MarvelStudios will provide an update on #SpiderMan during the panel. They won’t. Only @SonyPictures can do that. Is their panel still happening? Is it cancelled? It’s really still up in the air at this point.


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This led to Perez sharing that the movie is reportedly in advanced pre-production and that an announcement could be imminent:

From what I understand, certain things are still being worked out BTS. Hopefully they pan out since we just learned #SpiderMan4 has now shifted into a more advanced level of Pre-Production. An announcement could be imminent but we’ll see if Sony comes through for #CCXP

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This is great news for fans that Spider-Man 4 is happening, but the reported release date would place the project releasing two weeks before Thunderbolts (2024), which doesn’t make sense. Perhaps the movie will release later, which it would have to do if they want Daredevil and Kingpin to appear. Spider-Man 4 will happen, but it’s unclear when and how long it will take Sony and Marvel to figure out all the details.

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