“Morale Is Low” Among High-Level Disney Cast Members

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We’ve done significant reporting recently on dissatisfaction among Disney Parks Cast Members. Many Disneyland Resort Cast Members rely on sex work, crowded housing, and skipping meals to survive. Hundreds of Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members are unhoused.

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This week, Imagineering, corporate, and other “higher-level” Disney Cast Members came forward to say that the magic is fading at the Happiest Company on Earth. Reddit user u/FancyPantsBlanton asked Cast Members how things were going… and they were honest.

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Many directly called out The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek as a source of declining Cast Member satisfaction. “My mom is a current CM at WDW. Chapek is a dirty word in her house,” u/schroedingersnewcat wrote. “They have revoked discounts, cut staff, cut resources, and leadership doesn’t stand up for their cast. They are also screwing with her hours and the bid process (how they get shifts). All this on top of skyrocketing prices and none of that passed on to cast.”

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“I work at the studio in Burbank. All I’m willing to say is the morale is extremely low,” u/Secret-Sample1683 said. “And I’ve felt this way since the first day he was announced as CEO. He’s even worse than i ever expected.”

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A back-office Cast Member said frustration for their team stems from rigid post-COVID-19 office guidelines. “General morale is low recently due to rigid forced back to office (3 days a week) despite showing that during the pandemic we were super productive,” u/DLRrando explained. “It blindsided a lot of people who live 1-2 hours away who were hired or moved during the pandemic expecting post-covid flexibility.”

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Others didn’t specify their reasoning for low morale. “Long Time CM here: morale is at rock bottom. Period,” u/FawkesFire13 said. “I wouldn’t recommend anyone trying to hire into Disney right now, not unless you want your heart broken. I’m looking for a new job.”

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Of course, not all Disney Cast Members are unhappy. “I work overnight. I’m happy with my pay. The crew I work with are great. Managers are great. Work is medium stress,” u/Jir0nimous wrote.

Have you noticed declining morale among Cast Members? 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on personal Disney Parks Cast Members’ experiences. No two experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Parks operations.

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