Fans Crash Website as Disney Park Offers Discounted Tickets For Vaccinated Guests

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Tokyo Disney Resort has undergone numerous changes recently. As other Disney Parks up capacity, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are reducing capacity by 20% to give Guests a “luxury” experience while reporting record profits.

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Despite reduced capacity, the international Disney Park introduced multiple ticket discounts this week. One of those discounts is just for vaccinated Guests, intended to boost safe tourism as Japan slowly opens its borders to international travelers.

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Guests are clamoring for this “Wakuwari” discount, as Tokyo Disney Resort’s website crashed this morning when tickets went on sale. Vaccinated Guests can save 20% on one-day Passports valid from October 13, 2022, to January 31, 2023. Prices are as follows:

Adult: 6,320 yen / 6,720 yen / 7,120 yen / 7,520 yen
Junior: 5,280 yen / 5,600 yen / 5,920 yen / 6,240 yen
Child: 3,760 yen / 4,000 yen / 4,240 yen / 4,480 yen

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Vaccinated Guests with disabilities and one accompanying person can purchase one-day Passports at a further discounted rate:

Adult: 5,200 yen / 5,440 yen / 5,680 yen / 5,920 yen
Junior: 4,240 yen / 4,480 yen / 4,720 yen / 4,960 yen
Child: 3,040 yen / 3,200 yen / 3,360 yen / 3,520 yen

Guests must have received three COVID-19 vaccinations and show a vaccination certificate for entry into the Disney Parks with the discounted tickets. A mobile vaccine Passport, photocopy, or smartphone photo of a vaccination certificate will also be accepted.

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Guests under 12 will not be required to show proof of vaccination if accompanied by a vaccinated guardian. If unaccompanied, Guests under 12 must show proof of two COVID-19 vaccinations, considered equivalent to a third vaccination for adults.

To enter Tokyo Disney Resort, all Guests must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative antigen/PCR test taken within three days of admission. The Resort recently removed temperature checks upon entry.

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International Guests are welcome to take advantage of this ticket discount, which can only be purchased online. Japan recently opened its borders to individual tourists without a tour guide.

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