Tokyo Disneyland Bans “Non-Japanese” From Media Previews

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Tokyo Disney Resort has undergone numerous changes recently. As other Disney Parks up capacity, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are reducing capacity by 20% to give Guests a “luxury” experience while reporting record profits.

The international Disney Park introduced multiple ticket discounts this month despite reduced capacity. One of those discounts is just for vaccinated Guests, intended to boost safe tourism as Japan slowly opens its borders to international travelers.

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Though there is apparent demand from foreigners to visit Tokyo Disney Resort, The Oriental Land Company (OLC) is being cautious about who it markets its Parks towards. (The Walt Disney Company doesn’t operate Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea.)

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Spencer (@TDRPlans), an American Disney influencer living in Tokyo, attempted to gain access to a media preview event at Tokyo Disney Resort and was denied. When he asked OLC why, he received a heartbreaking answer:

I had a very productive phone call with the OLC public relations department today… apparently foreigners are still banned from media previews, and they have no intention of inviting non-Japanese from now on, even though the borders are open again 🙃

Restrictions made sense when only residents of Japan were allowed to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. But as Spencer pointed out, Japan and Tokyo Disney Resort are now open to foreign tourists, making the complete lockdown of media events confusing at this point in time.

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Another Disney Parks fan suggested that perhaps Tokyo Disney Resort doesn’t want to market to foreign tourists, even after the borders opened. But Spencer replied that he was able to attend similar events pre-COVID:

Yes I’m aware of how their market and target audience works, but they were very happy to work with us before COVID, so it’s a definite shift

Tokyo Disney Resort and The Oriental Land Company haven’t issued public statements about who is allowed into their media events. However, Spencer spoke firsthand with The Oriental Land Company’s public relations department.

What do you think of this change at Tokyo Disney Resort? 

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