Fans Say She-Hulk’s Reaction to Leaked Sex Tape Justified, Furious at Villianous Portrayal

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She-Hulk in a silver gown, watching in horror as her sex tape plays on a screen.

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She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which Entertainment Weekly billed as “Marvel’s Horniest Show Yet,” entered uncharted territory with its eighth episode on Disney+.

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Though the highlight of this episode was Jennifer Walters’ (Tatiana Maslany) steamy encounter with Daredevil/Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox), a long-awaited cameo for the MCU series, many fans on Twitter felt one of the most critical aspects of the episode was handled poorly.

Daredevil Matt Murdock in She-Hulk
Credit: Marvel Studios

At the end of the episode, Walters’ sexual encounter with Josh, an undercover hater from Intelligencia, a dangerous website filled with death threats against She-Hulk, is broadcast live at a gala celebrating the top female lawyers of the year. Hackers aim to expose Walters as a “slut” that doesn’t deserve celebration.

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Furious, She-Hulk destroys the screen and attacks a masked individual that she believes is responsible for the incident. Officers point guns at her and many, including her boss, look at her as a monster.

a screenshot of intelligencia, showing a post that reads "how do we kill she-hulk"
Credit: Marvel/Disney Plus

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Many fans on Twitter feel this portrayal is unfair, saying the blame lies with those who deceived Walters and that her reaction was justified. @diorlueur wrote:

the end angered me so much, jennifer had all the right to be mad and destroy the screen ?? it was literally showing a non-consensual sex tape ?? #SheHulk

@BoFandomental said the scene was all-too real:

There’s something extremely real about these dudes who can’t hurt She-Hulk resorting to a sex tape and slut shaming her #SheHulk

Another fan, @Eleven06, agreed. They argued that the episode portrayed how women are blamed when nudes/sex tapes leak instead of the men who were equally involved:

So that episode of She-Hulk was so good. Really speaks to how we treat women. No one is mad they published a sex tape of Jen but only how she reacted to it. And when she reacts appropriately angry they try to take her down.

@Feb_WaltGrace felt that though this episode’s climax was wildly different than other Marvel projects, it was just as powerful:

Goddamn, She-Hulk’s big bad is basically a bunch of Reddit incels calling her a slut for sleeping with a guy she liked and recording a sex tape without her consent. Low scale compared to other MCU stuff? Yes. But very disgusting? YES.

The revenge porn scene hit hard for a lot of fans. In fact, almost every woman has been affected by something similar or knows someone who has. From @Omaree96940739:

She-Hulk had every right to act the way that she did after getting her sex tape revealed after she got award, in a room full of people if anyone had the power that she has you would have done the exact same thing and if you say no you’re a liar

@katexbecketts agreed:

she just stopped the sex tape of her that was taken without her consent and she became the monster and the villain…i want to cry

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