Products You Need For Your Disney Baby!

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Disney Baby Merchandise

When it comes to Disney merchandise, there are literally millions of items on the market. There are options for Disney Park lovers, Star Wars fans, Marvel fans, and everything in between. There are things for Disney adults, Disney teens, Disney toddlers, and even Disney babies. In fact, the Disney baby merchandise might be some of the cutest merchandise around.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Disney baby merchandise.

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

it is always important for your baby to get plenty of movement, interaction, and play with toys that stimulate their senses. This Finding Nemo-themed activity jumper is great for all of those things. It features some of our favorite characters from the movie, including Nemo, Dory, Squirt, Bruce, Pearl, and Mr. Ray.

Finding Nemo Baby Bouncer
Credit: Target

Here is more on this jumper, which is available on the Target website for $129.99.

Just keep jumping with the Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper! This magical entertainer from Disney Baby will take your baby on an underwater adventure all the way to P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. Surrounded by a sea of Nemo-themed toys, you’ll watch waves of wonder upon her face as she interacts with the 13+ activities created by Bright Starts. She’ll clown around with her favorite clown fish, sea herself in a baby-safe mirror and play with all her Nemo favorites, like Dory, Bruce, Mr. Ray and more. Baby can steer her ship anyway she wants in her 360-degree rotating chair, made with a high-backed seat for extra comfort. With dancing lights, sweet songs and Finding Nemo friends, your baby will love to dive into playtime!

This adorable activity jumper is recommended for babies aged 6-12 months and can be purchased by clicking here.

Baby Girls’ 5pk Disney Princess Bodysuits

Babies can never have too many clothes, so it’s best that they have an extensive collection of Disney baby clothes in their closets! And this set of princess onesies is perfect for lovers of Disney classics. There are 5 onesies in the set that represent Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella, and Ariel.

Disney princess onesies
Credit: Target

These princess onesies are available in sizes from newborn up to 18 months. They can be purchased on the Target website for $24.99.

Mickey Mouse Wooden Train Set

This is not a toy recommended for little babies, but we couldn’t not put it on the list. This Mickey Mouse wooden train set features a Mickey train with conductor Mouse and a toy giraffe riding the train. Even the caboose has an adorable set of Mickey ears, and the train’s smokestack can be removed and used as an actual conductor whistle.

Disney Wooden train
Credit: shopDisney

This must-have train set can be purchased on the shopDisney website for just $39.99.

Disney Dumbo Lovey Security Reversible Blanket

Many of us have fond memories of a blanket that we loved as a child, and we all have our own special name for it. Blankets provide a sense of security, and Disney offers a number of cute blankets for you to give your own baby a sense of security — including one featuring Dumbo.

Dumbo baby blanket
Credit: Target

Here are more details on the blanket, which is available on for $16.99.

Comfort your baby with the Disney Baby Dumbo Lovey Security Blanket! This super-soft lovey features a plush Dumbo attached to a 14″ x 14″ white and gray blanket with an adorable Dumbo print. Made of snuggly soft fabrics and makes a great baby shower gift! Easy to carry for baby and great for on the go!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Milestone Blanket and Marker

Celebrating your baby’s many milestones is exciting for a lot of parents. One way to celebrate your baby’s first months is with this adorable Mickey and Minnie Milestone Blanket. This reversible blanket is the picture-perfect way to show your friends and family how much your baby grows in its first year of life.

Disney baby milestone blanket
Credit: shopDisney

The Mickey and Minnie Milestone blanket is made of 100% soft cotton and can be purchased on shopDisney for $34.99.

Baby Yoda Grogu Diaper Backpack

Most parents know that babies require A LOT of things. You can’t just grab your purse or wallet and run out the door. You need to make sure you have formula, diapers, a change of clothes, a bib, burp cloths, baby toys, and more. And what better way to pack up everything your baby needs than with this Baby Yoda Diaper bag from Etsy?!

Baby Yoda diaper bag
Credit: Etsy

Here’s more on this incredible Baby Yoda Diaper Bag:

💖 Use as a diaper bag or backpack.
💖 Made from high grade nylon. All details (such as pearls, gems, and pleats) are printed on only.
💖 Front compartment with zippered closure features 3 elastic pockets and 1 net pocket.
💖 Large main compartment with zippered closure has 4 elastic pockets plus 1 zippered pocket.
💖 2 additional side pockets on outside of bag.
💖 Back panel is padded for extra comfort against your back.
💖 Adjustable shoulder straps.

You can snag this Diaper Bag on Etsy for $75.00

Baby Groot Big Feet Plush – Guardians of the Galaxy

It’s never too early to make your baby a Marvel fan, and this Baby Groot Big Feet Plush is the perfect way to do that! This super cute plush is made of soft cotton, and baby Groot’s feet are oversized, making him absolutely lovable. There are also no small pieces, so you don’t have to worry about anything going into your child’s mouth and potentially causing a problem. There is also nothing hard in the plush, so your baby or toddler can cuddle with the plush and hug it without you having to worry about injuries.

Baby Groot Big Foot Plush
Credit: Disney

This Baby Groot Big Feet Plush can be purchased on shopDisney for just $29.99.

There is so much Disney baby merchandise out there, and these are just some of our favorite items that have us clicking “add to cart”. Happy shopping!

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