Henry Cavill Is Finally Getting Another ‘Superman’ Movie

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Henry Cavill as Superman

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

A new report reassures fans that Henry Cavill isn’t going anywhere as Warner Brothers move forward to start working on a new Superman movie.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)
Credit: Warner Bros. / DC

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A year ago, Henry Cavill’s future with DC seemed bleak. The current leadership had no interest in revisiting anything to do with Cavill or Affleck after Joss Whedon’s Justice League (2017) was a disaster. Snyder’s vision was a controversial talking point despite Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) being a massive success for HBO Max when it was initially released.

Superman in the DCEU has shown a more broken and conflicted side of the iconic character, which was very controversial among fans as some loved the realistic approach while others claimed this wasn’t their Superman. This led to Warner Bros. leaving Cavill to not appear in more projects despite using his likeness in series like Peacemaker.

Justice League cameo in Peacemaker
Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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Thanks to Dwayne Johnson, Henry Cavill is back as he went to Warner Bros. leadership and demanded Cavill’s return. This led to the leader of DC films, Walter Hamada, saying no, but Johnson went to ask other executives who told him yes, and the decision was made. Due to this, Hamada, the current head DC executive, is leaving by next week, and the DCEU takes a new turn.

Without someone like Kevin Feige overseeing the franchise, DC is exploring uncharted territory as James Gunn, Dwayne Johnson, and Matt Reeves begin to expand and explore new corners of the DC universe without direct supervision, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Credit: DC / Warner Bros.

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In this new article about DC’s future, THR clarified that Warner Bros. is actively searching for writers for a new Superman project with Cavill set to play the Man of Steel. Culture Crave shared the news online for fans who missed THR’s announcement:

New #Superman movie with Henry Cavill is in the works (via @THR)


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Initially, The Flash (2023) was meant to be a hard reset for the DC franchise, but it seems that Warner Bros. might not be changing much — except who plays the scarlet speedster — and DC’s future might be finally going in the right direction.

After so many years of indecisive action and constant changes in direction, DC fans will begin to move forward with a new wave of DC projects to tell a grander interconnected story like the MCU, but with different heroes and villains.

Henry Cavill as Superman in "Man of Steel" (2013)
Credit: Warner Bros.

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