Former ‘Superman’ Star Attacked For Controversial Opinion on Face Masks

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Dean Cain as Superman with a mask edited onto his face. an angry emoji is also added to the photo.

We report on all kinds of superheroes at Inside the Magic, from Marvel to DC. However, fans feel that one former superhero acted less than heroic on Tuesday.

Dean Cain as Superman with Lois Lane pulling open his shirt to reveal the "S" logo.
Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Dean Cain is best known for playing Superman (Clark Kent) on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman from 1993 to 1997. He also hosted Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and had a minor role in Supergirl on The CW.

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More recently, the star is known for being vocal about his political views. On Tuesday, Cain became the target of online outrage after he tweeted:

Found it utterly ridiculous that I had to wear a mask on the plane – flying to/from Canada 🇨🇦 😷??

Fans were quick to mock Cain. @FROzenLiberal wrote:

So fly there Superman. Stop crying.

@itsJeffTiedrich shared a similar sentiment, alleging that Cain has lost relevance since his peak in the 1990s:

at least now you have an excuse for not being recognized by anyone

@Rachel1954Alva agreed with Tiedrich, writing that “washed up actors” are most likely to seek attention with controversial opinions online:

Why is it always the washed up actors and musicians who are making ridiculous comments? Oh, I know why. They want attention.

Unlike many public figures attacked on Twitter, Cain fought back against negative comments. “Go. F**k. Yourself.” he wrote to one user, who has since deleted their response:

In another tweet, Cain said he expected more from “woke” Twitter:

I was hoping for better from woke Twitter — but the arguments have been so weak… yawn! Time for sleep. Perhaps thing will be more challenging tomorrow….
As promised, Cain later continued the conversation. He retweeted this sketch mocking liberals still wearing masks after mandates ended:

Cain hasn’t commented further on Canada’s mask policy on airplanes. In his Twitter bio, Cain says he tweets “only what I’d say to your face.”

What do you think of Cain’s Tweet? 


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