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Disney Wish at Port Canaveral

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Disney Cruises are a great way to spend your vacation with friends and family, and there are several exciting amenities and opportunities while onboard, like dining, attractions, and other interactive experiences, especially during Halloween on the High Seas.

While Disney Cruise Line Guests typically enjoy their experiences, some have had issues with service on the Disney Wish, particularly with dining.

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User TotalInstruction posted on Reddit about their recent experience on the Disney Wish:

This may sound like a broken record – the dining rooms. I thought the food was great – other than the first bite of a cup of split pea soup in Arendelle that was a little lukewarm, I had no complaints. The service, though… there were tables where guests were already getting dessert while we were waiting for our main course, and by the time we got dessert, the restaurant was turning on the lights so they could get ready for the second sitting. 1923, same thing, AND my server got several orders wrong.

I get that it’s a big ship and they’re still ironing out the kinks and training up staff, but a two-and-a-half-hour sitdown meal each night is a tough sell on a cruise ship designed for families. Our seven-year-old held it together OK but we had a family seated with us with a hyperactive elementary schooler and a 18-month-old and they were ready to mutiny. We ended up making the decision to skip our last dining room night (at Marvel, which I was looking forward to) so that we wouldn’t miss the trick-or-treating or the Halloween deck party, which we totally would have if we’d gone for formal dinner. Silver lining: skipping dinner gave us easy access to AquaMouse, which rocks. My daughter and I went on it three times in a row.

All in all, my first cruise on DCL, and my daughter’s first cruise ever, and we’re already looking forward to our next sailing.

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

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Some commenters agreed that although the cruise was a pleasant experience overall, the service was not.

For example, user Nostradomusknows suggested staffing shortages as a potential explanation for the poor service:

I was recently on the Fantasy and on the last night, our assistant server who had been with DCL a month, said he was being transferred to the Wish along with 7 other dinning room staff because the Wish was 50 cast members short. I asked if that was the whole ship, and he said no, just dinning room staff.

Additionally, user su_A_ve agreed with this sentiment and added some more first-hand insight:

My understanding was that they send their experienced crew from the Fantasy over to the Wish.

We sailed in late August. Chatted with our awesome stateroom host and she had been in the fleet for many years. So was our Palo server.

The wait staff however was another story. They apparently also came from the Fantasy but not clear how long they’ve been around the fleet. Service was barely ok by the main server who did everything, including the assistant server’s job most of the night (he would bring the first round of drinks and never see him again). Head server stopped by once only. And second to last night started with the reminders about the survey and how they strived for five stars. At the third time I told him that I deduct one for every reminder which made him stop. Reminded me of service on 3n on the Dream..

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Other commenters responded with their ideas of why the service was subpar, including staff shortages due to COVID, inconsistent skill levels of the servers, newer or overwhelmed staff, and ignored food allergies.

But amid the negative comments, some users expressed positive experiences with the service and staff on the Wish, such as user midgettme:

There’s a lot of negative comments so I’ll throw in my two cents. We sailed last week on the wish and our service was fast and on point. Like literally as soon as someone put down a utensil the plate was removed and the next was brought. The only time we had a lengthy meal was the first one of the cruise, everyone at our table (8) ordered every single course – which we quickly learned was way too much food. We had two peanut allergies and they did a great job informing us on all the dishes we may eat. Our server was from a previous ship and had over 20 years with Disney. My goodness, their service was perfect. Honestly.

I don’t know if you can request a server but if you can, Marko and Alan (Marko’s assistant?) are top notch amazing. I legit can’t think of anything they could have done better. On the lengthy night and the night two of the kids finished early, those two men kneeled down and did magic tricks for the kids while the adults finished. I cannot recommend those two servers enough.

Those elevator buttons are a different story tho.

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Although each Reddit commenter in this post had a different experience with the dining services onboard the Disney Wish, the majority of them agreed that despite these hiccups, they would definitely go on a Disney Cruise again.

Have you ever been on a Disney Cruise? Did it meet your expectations?

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