Official Trailer For Disney’s ‘Disenchanted’ Finally Released!

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Credit: Disney D23

Disney has released the full trailer for the upcoming movie Disenchanted (2022), and we are eager to watch this highly anticipated sequel!

“Nothing stays enchanted forever,” is what Disney stated with the release of the long-awaited Disenchanted trailer, the sequel to the 2007 film, Enchanted.

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Disenchanted follows the story of Giselle (Amy Adams) and Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) fifteen years after the events of Enchanted, as they move from New York to Monroeville, where “your fairytale starts,” to start a new life as a family.

The suburb is overseen by Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph), who has mischievous intentions for the family. When Giselle wishes their lives were the perfect fairytale, a spell backfires, causing all sorts of trouble, making Giselle rush to save her family and homeland, the Kingdom of Andalasia, before the clock strikes midnight.

Disney D23 (DisneyD23) posted the full trailer for this intriguing twist to the magical story of Enchanted, released in 2007.

Nothing stays enchanted forever.

#Disenchanted, an Original movie, starts streaming November 24 on @DisneyPlus

The film will have a star-studded cast starring Disney Legends Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, and Idina Menzel, who will be reprising their roles as Giselle, Robert Philip, and Nancy Tremaine, respectively, along with Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Oscar Nunez, and James Marsden.

This “Happily Never After” story will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on November 24.

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Credit: DisneyD23

If you need to freshen up your memory, the synopsis for Enchanted (2007) reads:

For princess-to-be Giselle, life is a fairytale… until she’s banished from the animated land of Andalasia by an evil queen and thrust into the very unmagical live-action world of modern-day Manhattan. When a cynical, no-nonsense divorce lawyer comes to her aid, little does he realize that this joyful, wide-eyed innocent is about to enchant him.

Other full trailers were also released during Disney D23 Expo, including the long-awaited sequel Hocus Pocus 2 (2022)coming to Disney+ later this month, and the upcoming live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid (2023), scheduled to premiere on May 26, 2023.

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