‘Disenchanted’: Disney Sets Release Date For ‘Enchanted’ Sequel

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Credit: Disney

Sing a happy little working song!

Credit: Disney

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It’s been nearly 15 years since the original Enchanted (20070 came out (a longer gap than the two Avatar films) and we could not be more excited! For those who may not remember the first film, Enchanted saw Amy Adams climbing into New York City after being tricked by her evil stepmother, the Queen. After meeting real-life Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter, a relationship develops. Giselle realizes she wants to remain in N.Y.C. as her Prince returns to the fairy tale land with city girl Nancy Tremaine (Idina Menzel).

Disney announced a sequel, much to Disney fans’ delight, including Maya Rudolph as the new villain, and a big song number by returning character Nancy, Idina Menzel. Stephen Schwartz addressed the upcoming musical numbers, saying, There are seven songs plus reprises, which is more songs than the original. We wrote a song for Idina’s character in the first movie, and then they didn’t have her do it. But in Disenchanted she has one big number and part of another one.”

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Disenchanted sees the return of all of these characters, plus Prince Edward (James Marsden), Edgar (Oscar Nunez), and Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino). As we have been longingly anticipating the film’s release, Disney has just given us some very exciting news regarding the film which you can check out in a tweet from Disney D23 (@DisneyD23) below:

Here’s your FIRST LOOK at Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph in Disney’s #Disenchanted! See the Original movie streaming this Thanksgiving on @DisneyPlus!

As you can see, the film is set to release this Thanksgiving, meaning we only have to wait a few more months to finally revisit this fantastical world and loveable characters. The film will be streaming on Disney+ along with the ever-expanding selection of Marvel and Star Wars shows that viewers can find on the service as well.

Alongside unprecedented access to Disney’s incredible library of film and television entertainment, the service is also the exclusive streaming home for the latest releases from The Walt Disney Studios. Disney+ is available as a standalone streaming service or as part of The Disney Bundle that gives subscribers access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. For more, visit disneyplus.com, or find the Disney+ app on most mobile and connected TV devices.

Are you excited for this film as much as we are?

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