Marvel Finally Trying Something New, Unveils Genre-Breaking New Project at D23

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Werewolf By Night Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone

Credit: Marvel Studios

Something different this way comes! The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get hit by something wildly out of the norm.

Werewolf by Night logo
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Marvel has been keeping fairly mum about the new Halloween special Werewolf by Night slated for an October 7, 2022 release.

But this year’s D23 Expo has changed that, with the reveal of the general approach, aesthetic, and appeal of the new spooky film being completely different from almost all of Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) offerings.

werewolf by night
Credit: Marvel Comics

This new special, branded officially as Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation: Werewolf by Night, will star Latino actor Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell (yes, that’s his name) and Laura Donnelly who will take on the role of Elsa Bloodstone.

The story concerns a group of apparent monster hunters brought together with one catch — there is a monster in their midst. Taking on a plot like that of the ice-breaker game often played at parties and social gatherings, “Werewolf”, the group must suss out who the imposter is, “among us”.

Gabriel Garcia Bernal as Jack Russell in Werewolf by Night
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Most interesting of the entire special reveal is the style in which this is all presented — Werewolf by Night takes on classic horror genre tropes, and leans into them — hard. From creepy “monster”-uplighting to blurry motion, and menacing silhouettes to harsh cuts, or even practical effects — this Marvel Cinematic Universe special barely seems like the CGI-heavy, superhero films they’ve been known to produce.

Instead, Werewolf by Night is filmed entirely in black and white.

Werewolf By Night Scream Eyes
Credit: Marvel Studios

The special also seems extremely out of the norm with regards to the continuity-heavy elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s current Multiverse Saga. The MCU is so intertwined that often, it’s almost impossible to miss a small cameo, or callback to a previous instalment , or hint towards something in the MCU’s heavily planned future.

We do know, however, that Mahershala Ali’s Blade is reported to take on a supporting role in this little Halloween flick.

It seems so stylistically different and unique in a “campy horror” sort of way, that you wouldn’t believe it was a Marvel Studios movie if not for the fact that the giant logo blares it at you in the beginning.

The new Halloween special can be streamed on Disney+ this October 7th!

The groundbreaking trailer for Werewolf by Night can be viewed here:

What do you think of this new direction that Marvel is taking with Werewolf by Night? Will you be watching? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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