Comments for Guests Feel Disney Should Have Stricter Dress Code, “Scarred” by Seeing Women’s Underwear

A man talking to the camera, a thinking emoji, looking at Cinderella Castle down Main street on a sunny day.


  1. Steve

    Must be the gays.

    1. Bert

      You sure know a lot about gays, Steve. wink, wink…

      1. Azza

        Then you might be in luck eh Bert wink wink…

        1. Bert

          SO counting on it!!!
          No wink necessary…

      2. Joanne labasz

        I agree. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It has everything to do with RESPECT! Respect for others & Respect for oneself. For people who want to dress provocatively, well do that & plan your vacation to Las Vegas or NYC (just as an example. Get it?) For you people out there who don’t get it you need to mature a little before you realize its not appropriate to show your trashy attire in a family park. As for Disney- you need to wake up & uphold the principals your founder created because I already know lots of people who will NO T visit your parks because of the offensive atmosphere..Disney – you are all about the $$$ so remember- it’s most likely those boring conservatives who have all the $$$ that they will not be spending in your offensive atmosphere, not the ones walking around with private body parts being exhibited.

        1. Kris

          He had underwear under her pants. Was she supposed to go commando? People like you would complain about that too.

          1. chris nielson

            I wouldn’t complain about her going commando!

          2. wesley

            Going commando would be an excellent idea!

        2. Jessica

          Someone here needs to mature: you. Other people’s attire is none of your business, nor are the bodies underneath it. Grow up!

          1. Connie


          2. wesley

            Highly disagree. You can tell the people who want to show off vs those who are just in the parks to have fun. Going to WDW or DLR isn’t a fashion show. Most people don’t care what you wear or how “cute” you want to be. But the chicks who want to dress like its a rave? Yeah, I love those and makes the day that much better for me.

        3. Vie

          Joanne, if conservatives are the ones with all the money, then why is it that red states have the most welfare recipients?

        4. Ashlee

          Steve Amen to that

        5. Ashlee

          Joanne labasz except you forget one very important point and that is what one person’s definition of respect is may not mean the same to another person. People pay their money to go and they have the right to be comfortable as long as they dress per the place they are at. If white triggers you when wet then the place your at isn’t for you. The woke need to stop minding everyone elses life and start getting theirs together period!

        6. Lolz

          Relax… you sound fun

      3. Steve

        Nick, were you groomed as a child? I am so sorry that happened to you, Bert.

        1. Bertie

          You complete me Stevala!

    2. Ashlee

      Steve Amen to that

    3. Marky

      There was a day I saw a woman walking around in the Epcot Parking Lot with nothing on but a flowy sundress. Every time the wind would blow you could see everything. She was there with her partner and their kid it seemed like. Big yikes.

  2. Salle

    Women should wear as little as they want, it’s perfectly fine. The body is beautiful, show it off.

    1. Garland

      Amen, especially if she is super hot with big boobs. Wear as little as possible, please.


      You obviously are a piece of TRASH with NO CLASS!

  3. Jami

    Being a little judgmental? Who are you to say what people should wear. Unless it’s pointed out to you, no one really cares. You’re even talking about what people wear under their clothes. Just stop!!

    1. Your dad

      Being very judgemental, ignore it or don’t, but you will be shamed

  4. Kelvington

    If Lizzo has taught us anything it’s that all types of bodies can be beautiful. People should wear what they feel comfortable in and is appropriate attire for a park full of children.

    No wearing just speedos for men, and wearing just thongs for women. Other than that, I’m pretty ok with anything else.

    1. Walt

      “Lizzo has taught us anything it’s that all types of bodies can be beautiful”

      Kelvington – who is your optomitrist” Better make an appointment.

    2. eric

      A loud trashy HUGE ape is the last person you should be looking at for advice about how to build your body.

  5. Kevin

    Why do people spend so much time looking at what other people are wearing? When I’m at the parks I could honestly care less about everyone else there and go out of my way to ignore the other guests.

    1. lorraine

      when someone leans down to pick something up, I have seen much much more than should be exposed. Wear what you want, men enjoy it , right guys???? And dresses that are totally see through with thong undies, common, I grew up when there were short shorts and mini skirts but we were a little more careful how we walked, or leaned down………go ahead and wear your granny panties and mini skirts, way to go

      1. chris nielson

        Yes, most of us do enjoy seeing what this sissy is whining about!

  6. Ron P

    I find it hard to believe someone who yearns for Grey Goose and uses terms such as “f***ing summer” and “a whore in church” is so genteel that he clutches his pearls by seeing some ladies’ undies.

  7. Deb

    Seriously! He needs to get a life

  8. Azza

    Hot women bring in customers. It shouldn’t just be for the kids, married men need something to look at 🙂
    It must’ve been a soyboy fag that whined about it.

    1. Steve

      This, it’s nice so many people want to show off their breasts. Gives me more stuff to photograph on my phone for later use.

      The Disney night is always better than the day, if you get my drift.



  9. Al

    Get real, this says more about you than the folks going to Disney. If you don’t like something then look elsewhere!

  10. Valarie

    Finally someone calling out the trash at the parks!!! It’s pretty horrifying!! People need to put some damn clothes on!! I saw a woman with tight ass pink pants on and you could see everything through them!! She had a thong on and she was like 70 lol. I saw it because I had to walk behind her coming out of Remys. It’s pretty nasty!! I don’t want to see trash at the park

    1. Idiot

      Then stop going

  11. Hollie

    Last visit I saw more breast and edges of nipples than I ever want to see in any time in one day. That was in the MK too. There are no restrictions that I can see. I was flabbergasted

    1. Steve

      I need photographic proof, for research purposes.

      1. chris nielson

        me too!

  12. It used to be easy for disney to uphold their standards and dress codes for guests. Now with everyone getting participation trophies and feelings meaning so much, disney has allowed itself to become a more expensive six flags. Chick fil a has not problem getting employees and business is not a problem with their high standards.

  13. Mickeymouse3

    As much as I appreciate a well developed bosom or shapely derriere, Disney is not the place to show one’s goods. In the case of underbritches being visible through pants, I’ll give a little leeway and say, the underbritches may not have been visible with the interior lighting but once in the sun….like “magic” they appear.
    The article also does not mention the dudes who wear their pants below the azz crack to show off their sponge bob boxers. Ain’t no one wanna see that either. Pull ’em up boyz.

    1. Elizabeth

      I love that song ” look like a fool with your pants on the floor” whenever I see a man -child with. his pants hang of him I sing that song to myself.

    2. wesley

      Underbritches will also show up after one has been soaked on a water ride as well. Toss in some cool air with the wet clothes and something magical happens. : )

  14. Walt

    “And everyone did what was right in their own eyes”
    Just do whatever you feel – who cares what effect you have on anyone else. Screw your fellow man it’s all about you baby – right on.

    So when oyu go to the parks cut in front on people in lines, shoplift cuss and swaer all you want – and yes dressing like a whore is in the same catagory. They dress like this to GET ATTENTION and love it. Its our sick look at mee look at mee generation. And by the way Don’t like these guys that wear the skimpy tanks either. Well don’t worry soon no one but the elite will be able to afford Disney (almost there) so be of good heart.

  15. Anonymous

    My son works as a park greeter at Epcot – he scans a lot of people in everyday and he says people would be surprised at what some people try to come in with. Skimpy tops, short shorts, guys with pants below their butts, shirts with curse words, derogatory language siting certain nationalities, religions, sexual orientation and gender choices, guns, guns, guns ablaze, abusive political statements…. so many and soooo many that are unthinkable. The cast members are taught to discreetly explain that this is a family friendly park and the clothes they are wearing is inappropriate. They can deny entry to all. As for shirts, they ask the person to go to the closest bathroom OUTSIDE the park, and request the shirt be turned inside out. Some comply. Some leave in a huff. For those that comply, and then decide to put it right side out…. staff are alerted to the front or IG entrance requests. Some may get thru for awhile, but sooner or later, a cast member will find them and request the same thing. Put your shirt inside out. There are guests who always ask what store they can get “drunk around the world” tshirts. Cast member explain that these are NOT truly Disney made shirts. Disney does not condone the behavior… though I don’t believe they do enough to enforce it. (There’s always someone who is drunk and decides the fountains are for jumping in… or they feel the right to make obscene statements to cast members and guests alike. I’ve seen it more than once – the poor belly dancer, who used to appear at the Morocco Pavilion. I’ve heard her quite a few lascivious statements made by drunkards). Guests – think it through – if what you are wearing would embarrass your parents, your grandparents, your children, your grandchildren – then don’t wear it.

  16. James

    Another fool just wanting clicks. No one is making a big deal about this, it’s one fool. Great a life

  17. Chris B

    So basically in that guys eyes Disney World is turning into Walmart.

  18. Kris

    Another man telling a woman what they can wear. Oh no, she has underwear under her pants! How dare she? Seriously, grow up and get over yourself.

    1. Chris Nielson

      I think she should have gone commando!



    1. Pony

      The only troll and skank here is YOU.

      Grow up.

  20. alex

    Men telling women what to wear? Wow, I’m so in shock! (sarcastic)
    In all seriousness tho, women should be able to wear whatever the hell they want to wear. This guy is the type of person to buy NFTs and brag abt it on social media and proceed to flip out on his wife for not baking mac and cheese for another minute.

  21. Bob

    A man had to run home and down a bottle of vodka because he saw a flash of cheetah print underwear and SHE’S the one with the problem? Sounds like you blamed her for your inability to keep your sexed up mind then used her to validate your alcoholism.
    GOTTA be a Chris-chun.

  22. Philly

    I think this dude was just messing with everyone. He created a tiktok to get noticed……..and it worked!

  23. NJBryan

    Maybe this Sherrod character ought to stay at home if he is so “scarred” from seeing what people wear. If someone wants to look “cute” even if it’s going to make them sweat that is THEIR business. Sherrod is just another “keyboard warrior” who has a voice for no reason other than he is on TikTok. Get a life. And let others live theirs!

  24. Elizabeth

    I was at Disney Spring getting on the bus to Beach Club. A family of 4 got on the bus. A man ,a women and two young children . The adults probably late twenties early thirties. The children probably about 6 to 9 years old. The women had a black thong and black bra her dress a sheer see thru net thingy. I wanted to laugh but then I thought of her poor children . How embarrassing for them that their mom needed to make a spectacle of herself to get the attention that she
    so needed.

  25. Holly R

    Protip, if all these “sexy” clothes are bothering you men, maybe don’t pitch a tent at a kids park and embarrass your whole family.

    1. wes

      That’s true. When it is hot enough outside I just stay at the resort pool all day and watch the eye candy there instead. Bikinis leave a lot less to the mind if you get my drift.

  26. KMAN

    Family that’s the question.
    Walt is turning in his Grave on what’s happening to his
    DREAM .
    Disney Japan has got it right
    Banning ALL Influencers and bloggers due to their Disgusting Disrespectful behaviour. This needs to be the policy Company Wide .
    People just want to enjoy Disney not be harassed by Drunks , influencers, people that can’t control themselves and just flat out Rude people .
    What is wrong with people today . These people disrespect everyone.

  27. Jayne1955

    I don’t want to see anyone’s cheetah print underwear either.

  28. Heidi

    WOW!!!! Anything just to get attention and his 15 minutes of fame. First of all…..WHY!!!! was he looking at women instead of just enjoying his time at Disney? Second…at least she had underwear on and under her clothing. I have seen so many men who LOVE to wear the pants below their butts that their UNDERwear is totally exposed. If this person is going to get so upset about how women choose to dress, then put it out there for ALL MEN to dresss appropriately as well. It seems as though males out there are trying so hard to take away ALL RIGHTS from women. Stop judging women by what THEY CHOOSE to wear. Stop STARING at women unless the women is YOUR WOMAN. Move past what you saw…OH BOO HOO…..I HAVE BEEN SCARRED FOR LIFE. No you haven’t. It’s not like that is the only image you will EVER SEE again. Grow up and move on with your pathetic life. It’s not like you saw her bare bottom. I have watched videos of Walt Disney World that people post on the internet and have see men dressed just as bad as this person claimed the women was. So stop attacking women. Worry about your own life…not that of anyone else.

  29. Dave

    I love a leopard thong under some white shorts ,this guy a feg or what…

    1. Chris Nielson

      Yeah, I think this dude likes sausages!

  30. Krod Mandoon

    Wow, dude may have valid points, but the way he talks makes me instantly want to disagree with anything he’s saying, easily the most annoying voice since The Nanny.

  31. Ashley Lineberger

    1st off the guy needs to get a life if hes that traumatized by clothing don’t leave your house and as far as a family setting I’ll agree half naked bikinis and thongs gotta go but if somebody’s wearing clothing and their underwear shows through it especially if they get off a ride that has water has don’t look, tell me what are you doing looking at their butt? Are you a pervert So it’s Florida people wear what they’re comfortable in it’s like telling you you can’t open your mouth we don’t like to hear what you got to say. People like him are what’s wrong with society you don’t go around telling other people how to dress, think. act. take care of yourself and let them deal with themselves. The woke need to get out of our society and create one of their own, If they’re so traumatized go to an island and create your dystopia and leave us Nirmal humans alone.

  32. Scott Lee-Ross

    Ok fools.
    Sker’ed means scared, not scarred. Really makes you look the fool.

  33. Phatman

    After reading this whole thing, I get it. “Gay language complains about being able to see women’s clothing” I promise you, literally no one else gave a fudge except this spanish fruit cake what her panties looked like. If its burned into his brain, next time, he should mind his own flaming business.

  34. Phatman

    After reading this whole thing, I get it. “Gay man complains about being able to see women’s clothing” I promise you, literally no one else gave a fudge except this spanish fruit cake what her panties looked like. If its burned into his brain, next time, he should mind his own flaming business.

    1. Chris Nielson

      I care what her panties looked like. I want to know why this dork didn’t take a picture, so I could see!

  35. Chris Wood

    Aww, poor baby. With all the people who lost homes and loved ones from the hurricane, it must be quite traumatizing to endure seeing a woman’s underwear for this putz

  36. Micky

    Why does this guy care about what someone else is wearing? Let him worry about what his boyfriend is wearing and what pronouns they want to use. This used to be a free country- tacky or not. But now you’ll have Whoopi and crew taking on this heated issue.

    1. Chris Nielson

      Thats funny and very accurate!

  37. Women should not be allowed to wear headscarves or desert towels. Too intimidating due to middle eastern terrorist.

  38. Donald Task

    Get over it queerbo.

  39. Chris Nielson

    This guy is a whiney sissy, perhaps he needs a hanky! Scarred by women’s undergarments?

  40. Shi Thead

    The problem is this conversation has to go two ways and it only goes 1. If a woman can be scarred for life and file sexual harassment charges against a man for exposing himself to her, then people can be equally offended by a woman showing way too much in a theme park. When a woman with pink green and blue hair pushing a stroller is wearing a way to short white skirt in the park and decides it’s appropriate to stop in the middle of a large group of children and bend at the waist instead of the knees to grab something in the bottom of her stroller, and her thong is creeping up crevices it should be covering so we all know when she waxed last (there was literally no purpose to her thong, even exotic dancers wear more), we don’t get to complain? That would be a double standard, especially when you know she would be the first person in line to file a lawsuit against someone else for doing something she deems “not okay” or “offensive”. I do think the tiktok is overdramatic as not everyone realizes how sweaty you get in Florida and that those white pants may become see through enough to see the color of your underwear, but Disney does need better dress code enforcement.

  41. Coral

    Sometimes it’ll be crazier than that . One day this Lady in Appleseed Orchard in Epcot was wearing a lavender lingerie body suit which showed her whole nipple and her pattie . like i was shook !

    1. dave

      > like i was shook !

      Did you shake it like a polaroid picture?

  42. wesley

    He has a point. Ladies, from now on please go commando and wear more tight fitting booty shorts where your cheeks hang out a little. This guy in the video might not appreciate it but the rest of men definitely will give you a little salute when we see you in the parks dressed like that.

    1. Jim

      LOL. We’ll at least stand at attention

  43. eric

    Chip n Dales? LOL

    I’m pretty sure he meant Chippendales but it is adorable that the author still put this in a Disney frame of referenece.

  44. Jim

    Somehow I get the feeling that women in general scar him emotionally, regardless of how they’re dressed

  45. Laura

    People go to Disney for a holiday. I agree that cheetah print underwear is not okay with see through pants or a neon pink bra isn’t okay under a white shirt, but I don’t think they should have set that rule that people over 12 aren’t allowed to wear costumes unless it’s for Halloween. We’re all children at heart, and Disney shouldn’t take that away from us. I understand that a lot of adult costumes are inappropriate, but I’m very short stature, so I can fit into the biggest size of princess dresses they sell. I’m not saying this should only apply to people like me. All adults who want to should be allowed to cosplay at Disney.

  46. DjimiWreyBigsby

    A generation that was “protected” from falling or failing or figuring things out on their own has become so entitled that they believe they shouldn’t have to see anything to which they’re unaccustomed..
    So ungrateful
    So childish
    So snow flakey they melt down over a whisper in a foreign language

  47. S Watts

    Why are you looking at everyone’s butts??🙄

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