Florida Theme Park Closing Due to Hurricane Ian

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A major Florida theme park has announced that it will be closing ahead of the upcoming storms.

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As Florida prepared for Hurricane Ian, many businesses and Resorts have made changes to their operating schedules, with some deciding to shut down entirely.

Disney World limited its hotel availability for the rest of the week. Florida residents, as well as those heading to Florida in the coming days, have been urged to pay attention to weather forecasts from law enforcement and other local authorities and officials as the Sunshine State prepares for Tropical Storm Ian’s rapid intensification.

Iron Gwazi fisheye view at Busch Gardens Tampa
Credit: Busch Gardens Tampa

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In an even bigger move, Busch Gardens Tampa revealed that it would be completely shutting down due to the approaching hurricane. This was confirmed by the Resort in the tweet linked below:

To ensure the safety of our ambassadors, guests, and animals as Hurricane Ian moves through Florida, Busch Gardens will be closed on Wednesday, Sept. 28 through Thursday, Sept. 29. Read below for more details.

Busch Gardens Tampa features a ton of world-class coasters. Tigris is a forward and backward thrill experience; Cheetah Hunt is a smooth animalistic ride, Cobra’s Curse spins Guests around, and more. However, the most recent addition to Busch has been the newly refurbished Iron Gwazi. The coaster features a 91-degree drop and an over 200-foot drop. Iron Gwazi’s top speed hits at 71 miles per hour, making it the faster roller coaster in all of Florida.

As we reported, the most current data about Tropical Storm Ian suggests the storm will intensify, becoming a hurricane later in the day on Sunday and strengthening to a Category 4 hurricane as it passes over Cuba on Tuesday. Hurricane Ian is projected to weaken slightly before making landfall along the Gulf Coast of Florida.

The potential for flash flooding in Florida also exists, as seen in the graphic below from the National Hurricane Center.

Stay tuned for more Hurricane Ian updates!

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