Wild Conspiracy Suggests Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves Are Vampires

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Johnny Depp for Dior Sauvage

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One conspiracy claims that some of Hollywood’s well-known celebrities might be vampires.

keanu reeves the matrix
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While most people believe that vampires might just be fictitious creatures, some have claimed that certain celebrities are vampires. For this to be true, fans might have to get over the idea that vampires don’t like the sun and only hide in darkness because these celebrities have been spotted thousands of times in the sunlight.

At first glance, you wouldn’t assume that celebrities like Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp were vampires, but the two actors have barely aged over the past few decades. Keanu may have grown a beard, but he doesn’t look much older than he did in his early career.

keanu reeves as jonathan harker
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For Depp, it’s the same way, and the conspiracy uses a video to show that these two celebrities and others either have a doppelganger or are actually vampires. The video shows a picture of the actor or actress and then a picture of a person from the 1800s that look almost identical to the actor.

Fans might argue that the pictures are photoshopped, but it’s crazy how uncanny the similarities are. The conspiracy also uses another source to support their claim that Keanu is a vampire by stating that the actor is still an action star despite being in his early 50s and looking way younger.

dakota johnson and johnny depp
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They believe that Keanu and Sandra Bullock must use their vampire abilities to keep their youthful looks. Still, in the end, this isn’t something anyone can prove unless you were to confront Keanu or the other celebrities.

Depp already has his issues to deal with, as his situation with Amber Heard constantly causes another controversy or scandal to be revealed. Fans believed that Depp could continue his life after winning his hearing in court against Heard, but more issues continue to swamp the actor with legal issues.

Do you think Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp are vampires? Let us know what you think!

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