World’s Most Hated Leader Secretly Infiltrated Disneyland Using False Identity

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Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland's Halloween Time

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Kim Jong-un used a fake identity to go to Disneyland as a child, which could’ve gotten him arrested by authorities.

Kim Jong-un
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Disneyland has always been considered the “happiest place in the world.” Sadly, some people don’t get to visit the parks. North Korea’s isolation policies make it impossible for citizens to leave the country legally, and barely anyone crosses the borders.

North Korea’s secrecy has caused some tensions over the past few years, but no one would’ve expected that the leader of North Korea made it his mission to infiltrate Tokyo Disneyland at 8 years old. Kim Jong-un got a fake Brazillian passport with a new name Joseph Pak and was able to land in Japan on May 12, 1991.

Tokyo Disneyland
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Authorities didn’t notice their false identities as he traveled with ten officials disguised as tourists and met his mother at the parks a few days later. One source shares that they were reportedly at the park for a week before leaving after Japanese authorities finally began an investigation:

Authorities were notified that North Koreans had entered the country using false identities and forged documents, which led to the launch of an investigation, Yomiui reported.Despite this red-flag and warning, it was believed that Kim Jong-un’s party had left the country by the time detectives were tasked with looking into the claims.

Tokyo Disneyland Happy Halloween Harvest Parade Float in front of Cinderella's Castle
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While Kim Jong-un managed to have a safe trip to Disneyland, one of his relatives wasn’t so lucky as he lost his status after being caught at a Japanese airport when entering the country with a fake passport a few decades later. Unfortunately, only people like North Korea’s top family can visit Disneyland, unlike the other citizens in the country.

Kim Jong-un
Credit: ABC

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North Korea denies any involvement in secretly visiting Disneyland, but that doesn’t that the top family couldn’t do this again and continue to visit the park under another alias secretly. While families always assumed that safety protocols could keep their families safe, it doesn’t always stop elite officials from illegally entering the parks, which might be a concern for some people.

The United States would be a lot harder to get into, but that doesn’t mean that Kim Jong-un couldn’t pull it off if he wanted to.

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