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Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland's Halloween Time

Credit: Disney


  1. Imran

    At first I thought this was about trump.

    1. Steve

      I was sure it was about Pelosi.

      (Not Biden, calking him a leader is too much even for a joke.)

      1. VLM

        I’d say I was sure it was about you, but it did say “leader.”

    2. Gavin


      1. Steve

        Biden will soon be hauled out of the house he has been occupying and tossed in prison.

    3. Ryan

      Wow. You just can’t let that go can you? You just have to keep blaming him for everything even though Biden (who you apparently voted for) is the President now. Trump isn’t the leader of the US any more so you need to move on with life. I’m so sick of people still talking about him like he’s still leading this country. Shows that you can’t get over something that happened over 4 years ago and why this country is the way it is.

  2. RM

    I was expecting it to be Bob Cheap-ek!
    You DID say “World’s Most Hated Leader”, right ….!!

  3. chuck Warf

    I would love to see him and his family visit the Orlando area attractions. His proven ability to steal and copy “Western ideas and technology” might have him bring a little it home to his people. It could improve his attitude a bit, doubtful, but if we could improve the life of the people,it would be a massive win. It would also show the US as offering an olive branch
    Wins All around. He would never accept anyway but it might start him thinking along this line and his people could benefit.
    Chuck Warf

    1. Dave

      He’s a pos and should assassinated by someone in his own circle. The way his people arectreated is horrific and what’s sad is they don’t gave a clue what 2022 looks like.

      1. Steve

        He is a better leaded than Joe. At least he knows where he is.

  4. Jag

    What a crime… committed 31 years ago.

  5. Gina

    At least he didn’t close it like some rich people do! (aka the Kardashians)

  6. Robert

    It’s a small world after all.

  7. RBBrittain

    I thought it was Putin.

    1. Steve

      Putin’s approval rating is literally twice Biden’s.

  8. Jan K.

    Obviously, all these prior responses aren’t pertaining to the article. As a child, (the key word being child) Kim Jung-Un didn’t have a say in where he was taken, it sounds as if his mother came up with the idea. A child deserves to have fun as other children do this includes those that have rich parents and poor parents!

    1. Ryan

      You do realize that when he was doing this millions of North Koreans were being told they couldn’t do things such as what he got to do right? North Korea is COMMUNIST and the elite rule and can do whatever!! So your comment that a child deserves to have fun including those who are rich does NOT include the children of North Korea since many of them are the poor working class that if they do anything against the government are summarily killed.

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