California Theme Park Refuses to Refund Enraged Guest After Traumatizing Experience

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A popular California theme park refuses to refund an enraged Guest after he and his family experienced a traumatizing experience.

While visiting a theme park is, to many, one of the most enjoyable experiences to share with friends and family. Unfortunately, for one Guest and his family, a recent visit to one of California’s most popular theme parks turned out to be the complete opposite.

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Redditor u/Lower_Ad_3531 recently shared his experience visiting Knott’s Berry Farm, commenting that he never thought he’d be putting his family in harm’s way. Unfortunately, this Guest visited the Park during the series of violent attacks and incidents that recently took place at Knott’s Berry Farm.  Inside the Magic reported that the California theme park was shut down early on Saturday, July 16, after multiple fights and potential gunfire.

Knott's Berry Farm
Credit: Knott’s Berry Farm

The original poster comments that, after the events, his partner’s little brother was traumatized and that he tried to contact the Park’s customer service on multiple occasions seeking a refund for his family’s Season Passes, but that he always ended up being put on hold or having the call dropped. He adds:

When my partner was able to get through to customer service they told her. They would not help her they would not transfer her to any other support. Told her “why are you trying to get a refund when I’m sure you’ve already gotten your moneys worth with the pass.” I finally was able to get though and they informed me I would be getting an email from corporate. I told asked for a refund on my pass since my partner’s brother was traumatized from seeing turned over baby strollers and people be trampled and I also do not want to put their safety at risk again. I received an email from Kathy Hawkinson Corporate Director Safety & Risk, “Thank you for reaching out. Again, our apologies for a less than normal experience. We are unable to refund your season passes”. I asked her reasoning for it to which she replied “I cannot refund your season passes as they have been used multiple times prior to this visit.” I replied “I’m still having a hard time understanding how the usage of my pass is what determines that factor, what if I had used my pass 1 time or 100 times how does that change that had a horrible experience at the park.” After that last statement I’ve gotten no response

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While it is understandable that this was an unpleasant experience for this Guest and his family, Knott’s Berry Farm has specific policies regarding its Season Passes that Guests agree to when purchasing them. One of these policies states that Seasonal Passes are non-refundable. Per the Park’s website:

A Regular Pass is the property of Cedar Fair L.P. and is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not valid for cash. A Regular Pass may also be revoked without refund and the Passholder removed from the park for any misuse, failure to abide by applicable terms and conditions or conduct detrimental to the park, including theft of property or services, violation of Federal, State and Local laws, assisting any person to obtain unauthorized entry, violation of park rules, safety procedures, vandalism, disorderly conduct, intoxication, and possession of intoxicating liquors (except as properly purchased within the park with valid identification and used in a responsible manner), drugs or weapons.

You can read Knott’s Berry Farm’s full 2022 Season Pass Terms and Conditions here.

It is unclear how this situation will unravel, but, unfortunately, it is unlikely that this Guest will receive a refund after canceling his family’s Seasonal Passes.

More on Knott’s Berry Farm

Inside the Magic has reported on several different cases of disruptive behavior at Knott’s Berry Farm, from Guests cutting lines at several rides, causing the Park to enforce more strict measures against this activity, to recent incidents of Guests sharing inappropriate images and videos via AirDrop, causing discomfort and concern among Guests.

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This, together with the recent events at the Park, caused Knott’s Berry Farm to implement several changes to the Park’s security policies and code of conduct, including the creation of a new chaperone policy that requires all Guests 17 years old and younger to be accompanied by a Guest at least 21 years old. These actions prove the Park is trying to react quickly and accordingly to the situations at the Park.

Knott’s Berry Farm has stated that the Park’s top priority is to ensure the safety of all Guests during their visit, showing a commitment to maintaining a family-friendly environment “where families and friends can come together to enjoy a one-of-a-kind Park full of homegrown experiences and immersive entertainment.”

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