Kid’s Response Almost Makes Crush Cast Member Break Character – “I Lost It”

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Disney’s Turtle Talk With Crush is an attraction that never produces the same experience twice. This is thanks to the unique dialogue that takes place between a room full of Guests and their favorite Finding Nemo (2003) sea turtle as they chat in real-time.

Turtle Talk With Crush
Credit: Disney

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Guests can “shoot the breeze under the seas” in a 15-minute experience that is officially described by Disney as follows:

“Take a seat at Turtle Talk theater and watch as the turtle from Disney and Pixar’s Finding Nemo swims up close. Through the amazing technology of the hydrophone, he can communicate directly with land-based dudes and dudettes about almost anything that’s on their minds.

Ask him about marine biology, his friends from the sea, his favorite foods, life on the East Australian Current—it’s totally up to you!

He may also introduce you to his pals Marlin, Nemo and Squirt—plus new friends from Disney and Pixar’s Finding Dory.”

Since the show is entirely improvised, Cast Members are given tools to ensure they’re able to stay interactive and in character. One of those tools is the option for the turtle performers to mute themselves as needed, something that voice actor Tommy Arciniega has utilized in their time playing the totally tubular Crush.

Turtle Talk
Credit: Disney

Tommy has been asked some interesting questions during their time behind the microphone, like the time a child asked them if they heard the news about John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Handled like a true professional, Tommy was able to stay in character for this interaction.

Another interaction, however, tested the voice actor’s ability to channel an authentic Crush answer, and they shared the experience in a recent TikTok video.

Replying to @c_waitz28 a lot of close calls! we have a way to silence our audio just in case.


Replying to @c_waitz28 a lot of close calls! we have a way to silence our audio just in case.

♬ original sound – tommy arciniega

In the clip, Tommy describes an incident in which they were asked about their marital status and the conversation went as follows:

“I remember talking to this one little girl. She asked Crush if he had a girlfriend or a wife. I gave her the usual response. ‘awwwh duuuude yeahhhh I have a dudette. Her name is Shelly. She’s my turtle dove.’ So I asked her back ‘what about you? Do you have a special someone in your life?’ And, without missing a beat, this little girl who couldn’t be older than 6 or 7 replies, ‘yeah, he’s my sexy boy.’ I lost it.”

Tommy uses this close call as an example when asked if they’ve ever broken character, as it was the closest they’ve ever come to being rendered speechless.

crush and squirt
Credit: Disney/Pixar

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Turtle Talk With Crush is located in World Nature at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, and in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure Park.

Do you have a favorite Turtle Talk With Crush exchange? Share yours in the comments!

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