Comments for Kid’s Response Almost Makes Crush Cast Member Break Character – “I Lost It”


  1. I taught preschool and worked with kids for 11 years. Sometimes it is so hard to not crack up with hysterical laughter when they say things. Kids are growing up so fast these days with You Tube, cell phones, and the Internet, their vocabulary is much different than when I was in preschool.

    It sounds like Crush did a great job as always at fielding the little girls response.

  2. Garry

    Crush once asked my 4 year old daughter where she was from. She replied, “my mommy”.

  3. Bob

    Jen’s an ass.

    He Not THEY He!

    So stupid, you made the article unreadable!

    1. Raginhari

      Bob’s an ass.

      Knob not Bob, Knob!

      So stupid, you made your comment unreadable.

  4. Mr White

    This is what happens when we let the queer o sexuals dictate things in the classroom

    1. LJ

      No, this is what happens when you don’t monitor kids when they are on the internet. Queer o sexuals? Come on, man. If you’re going to say something stupid, at least make it readable so the “queer o sexuals” can make it easier to roast you.

  5. Mary

    Agreed, the gender “neutral” pronouns ruined this article for me.

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