Disney Ride Vehicle Snaps as Live Sparks Fly in Front of Guests

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Credit: @TangaroaJoel

One iconic Disney attraction faced a very unique accident at the Disneyland Resort recently.

Indiana Jones Adventure
Credit: Disney

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Disneyland is filled to the brim with exciting rides and attractions such as the Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn Bobsleds, “it’s a small world”, Splash Mountain, and Peter Pan’s Flight. There are so many choices Guests can choose from that deciding on what to wait in line for may prove difficult.

However, if there’s one thrill ride you have to experience when visiting Disneyland, it has to be the Indiana Jones Adventure.

Indiana Jones Adventure sign
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Indiana Jones Adventure is located in Disneyland and is considered a classic in both Disney Imagineering history and in Disney Park history. The ride is based on the Indiana Jones franchise and takes guests on an exciting and thrilling journey through a cursed temple. Since opening at the Disneyland Resort, it has become a fan-favorite and beloved attraction in the Disney Parks and continues to entertain thousands of Guests every day.

However, the ride encountered a very, very peculiar malfunction at the Park recently, with one Guest actually being lucky enough to capture the incident on film.

Indiana Jones
Credit: Disney

Twitter user @TangaroaJoel tweeted a video yesterday which shows this bizarre accident:

We made it on… and, uhm… this just happened.

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As you can see, the ride appears to have just started as it heads around the first corner. The ride comes to a sudden stop, at which point you can hear a mechanical clipping/breaking noise. Sparks fly as soon as the ride vehicle, known as an Enhanced Motion Vehicle (the same ones used on DINOSAUR in Animal Kingdom), comes to a halt.

We are not sure exactly what caused this breakdown or how serious it was for this specific ride car, but the Indiana Jones Adventure did reopen shortly after.

Indiana Jones Adventure Opening Day
Credit: Disney

This specific attraction has been facing a lot of issues, as many Guests have reported recently. Specifically, we have noticed issues with the giant snake animatronic, the boulder at the end scene, and moving walls were having issues or not working at all.

Have you ever seen anything like this happen at Disney?

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