Splash Mountain Boat Sinks Again at Disney, Guests Left In Water

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Credit: @makotofalcon

There may not be a more iconic or beloved attraction in all of Walt Disney World than Splash Mountian. The classic log-flume ride takes Guests on a wild trip, following the story of Br’er Rabbit all the way over a 50-foot drop.

The ride has entertained Guests for decades and has become a true icon of Disney Parks, even though it is set for a major retheme soon and can be found at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland. And speaking of Tokyo Disneyland, a few Guests had a very unique experience when riding the beloved attraction.

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Credit: Disney

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As shown in a tweet from @makotofalcon, Splash Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland had some issues recently, with at least one log partially sinking and taking on water. 

Splash Mountain, defaulted to sinking and laughed. It’s getting worse than it used to be (Translated)

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As you can see, the ride vehicle has a considerable amount of water in it, enough to cover the Guest’s feet. Unfortunately, this is not even the first, second, or third time we have seen a log sink on Splash Mountain, though in the past, it has been at Walt Disney World. Thankfully in these situations at the American Parks, no one was hurt or injured, and the situation was resolved with Guests evacuating and getting replacement clothing, as well as free Lightning Lane passes.

We do not know what happened to the Guests in this most recent example at the moment. At the time of publishing this article, we are unsure what caused the ride vehicles to sink or how Disney dealt with the issue. Guests appeared to have at least made it to the exit of the ride after the incident.

Have you ever started to sink on a Disney ride?

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