Popular Theme Park Slashes Membership Costs, Fans Blown Away

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Fans were recently left shocked and confused after finding out a popular theme park had significantly reduced the cost of all its membership passes.

Visiting a theme park promises a fun-filled day for the whole family, with thrilling attractions, fun entertainment offerings, delicious snacks, and so much more. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder many Guests are eager to visit as often as possible.

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Many theme parks provide fans a chance to visit the Park as many times as they want through different membership programs; for example, Disneyland has the Magic Key Program, and Universal has its Annual Pass Program, often with different tiers and levels of benefits. While these programs tend to be pricey, a popular theme park recently shocked its fans after significantly reducing the costs of nearly all its membership passes.

Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Credit: Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has significantly reduced the costs of nearly all its membership passes, leaving fans of the Park shocked and confused. BGWFans (@BGWFans) posted about these price reductions, commenting on how these price reductions were completely unexpected and how there haven’t been any changes to the benefits of each membership level.

I’m CONFIDENT none of you predicted this.

@BuschGardensVA has slashed the price of their memberships and, as far as we can tell, there haven’t been any benefit changes. 

Is it a website bug? Has the park finally found what the market will bare? Has hell frozen over?!

While the Busch Gardens Basic Membership continues to have a cost of $159, the costs of the Unlimited and Premier tiers were reduced from $231 to $201 and $318 to $270, respectively.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg also offers two-park passes — which provide access to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA — that have also slashed prices. The Basic two-park membership has been reduced from $201 to $171, while the Unlimited and Premier tiers of the two-park memberships have been reduced from $265 to $228 and $345 to $300.

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Finally, Busch Gardens offers an incredible 11-park Platinum membership, which provides access to all 11 Parks owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc., including Busch Gardens at Williamsburg, Virginia, and Tampa Bay, Florida, SeaWorld locations in Orlando, Florida, San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California, Sesame Place, and Aquatica. This membership has been reduced from $426 to $390.

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While fans have commented that these reductions could be influenced by current attendance levels at the Park or could be part of a sale, these theories remain purely speculative, and the real reason for these discounts is not clear at the moment. You can click here to visit the official Busch Gardens Williamsburg website and learn more about the Park’s membership program.

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Unfortunately, we have recently seen different price increases across theme parks operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc., from added charges to all dining purchases at Busch Gardens and Sesame Place, to “illegal” price increases at SeaWorld. This has caused fans to push back against these “hidden” price increases while creating significant backlash towards the Parks. The reason for these price increases and surcharges has not been disclosed by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. either.

More on Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, in Virginia, is an incredibly popular theme Park that welcomes thousands of locals and tourists annually. Home to attractions like Apollo’s Chariot, Verbolten, Invadr, Griffon, Tempesto, The Lock Ness Monster, and Escape From Pompeii, Busch Gardens Virginia packs thrills and joy for the whole family to enjoy! And let’s not forget Pantheon, the Park’s newest coaster.

Busch gardens pantheon
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Per Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s website:

Thrills and nature intersect at our park and provide a hidden adventure for all ages.

Busch Gardens ® in Williamsburg, Virginia is the world’s most beautiful theme park, as voted year after year since 1990. Our theme is classic Europe with artfully landscaped villages, like the Parisian streets of France, the hamlets of Scotland and the Oktoberfest celebrations of Germany. In all, we have nine villages centered around six countries for you to explore.

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