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Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Credit: Busch Gardens


  1. Maybe they are looking to catch some of the Disney fans that are abandoning the parks. Other theme parks have been raking in the dough since people started leaving Disney theme parks. There are still plenty of people willing to pay for the watered down Disney experience however.

  2. Keri

    Busch Gardens is our family’s “Happiest place in Earth”. Over the years we have had season passes on and off. It’s a beautiful place to visit and my family members who aren’t “ride” people have plenty to enjoy. A little sad that this slashing was done after we have had our passes for months though lol

  3. Nibbins

    Totally blown away that they lowered the prices back down to where they were before their price hike just because their park attendance went way down.

  4. Dsuzieq

    They are still too expensive. I can’t see where the price was slashed that much. A lot of parents with children use that kind of money for food and clothes and necessities. They could have a one time price slash where a lot more people can afford it. That’s why attendance is down.

  5. Steve

    Nobody reduces prices just because they feel like it. That only happens in Fantasyland (pun intended). Would anyone take $100k for a job if they could get the same job for $125k? No one would and neither do businesses. That’s how it works.

    1. Economics

      That’s employee math, not owner math. If I can increase demand by lowering prices, I make less per ticket sale but more in ticket sales overall. Now that’s owner, Math!

  6. CJ

    Now if only Tampa could do the same with their annual passes for BG/SeaWorld/Adventure Island/Aquatica (all within the same company btw)

  7. Bren

    Not sure why people think this is a deal for a Busch park. We used to get the “silver” pass (one park, free parking, discount) for $60. The “gold” pass (two park, free preferred parking, discount) for $99. Then they went to memberships instead of passes. We were still only paying $20 a month for a three person family, but they started changing things to where “pass” members were not included in many events and specials. Basically trying to get pass holders to cancel passes and get their new memberships, at a higher price of course. After one year of it, we just canceled it all. Now a few years later I see their ads on tv, still follow to see what they are doing, and it’s the same old shows, same old food with a 5% upcharge in fine print, a lot of pushing alcohol, and wow, a new ride. Thanks, don’t miss it. Then Disney did the same kind of crap. So said good riddance to those greedy chaps too! Thanks heavens for Universal and Kings Dominion, well, until they choose to be like their competitors. Then I’ll find something else to do with my time and money.

    1. GuyInDC

      Very true. Additionally, these discounts are only 15%. While, yes, it’s a discount I’d hardly call it a price slashing.

  8. CJ

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg needed to reevaluate consumer costs …. and it sounds like they need to drop their prices further (and be like Cedar Fair – offer up that yearly Pass with no blackouts + more perks!)

    The Walt Disney Company has gotten too greedy, but that won’t stop Disney Sheep from paying whatever they are charged / upcharged \ surcharged (baaah! baaah! Disney Sheep!)

  9. Jean

    Visited the park about three weeks ago. Park was empty …but I could see why. ( weekend… weather was iffy.. but still. Never waited for a ride!) Food super expensive as well entrance fees. Shows were dated …. How can a family afford to spend a few days there without going broke?!

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