Guest Shares A Rare Look At Spaceship Earth With Lights On!

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Spaceship Earth track with the lights on, next to a photo of the exterior of Spaceship Earth. A gasping emoji is put on top of the two photos.

It can be a bummer when a Disney Park ride breaks down during your magical vacation. But believe it or not, for some Guests, a Walt Disney World Resort ride breakdown is a dream come true!

spaceship earth
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Yesterday, two Guests shared their experience being stuck on EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth on TikTok. @livkondash48 got stuck on the backward portion of the ride:


Stuck on spaceship earth #disneyworld50 #disney #spaceshipearth

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

In the video, the Guest pans to show the typically dark, empty portion of the ride lit up. The ride’s tracks and other mechanics are exposed, a rare and enviable experience for many Disney Parks fans.

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Another Guest wasn’t so lucky. @disneyglennb was right at the loading area of the ride and wrote “This is not where I want to evacuate from:”


This is not where I want to evacuate from. #spaceshipearth #epcot #disneyworld

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Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like the ride was evacuated! Spaceship Earth is operating as normal at the time of publishing this article.

More on Spaceship Earth

spaceship earth animatronics
Credit: Disney

Spaceship Earth, located in EPCOT’s World Celebration neighborhood, opened along with EPCOT in 1982 and has served as the Park’s icon since. The dark ride perfectly explores Earth’s past, present, and future for Disney Parks Guests of all ages. From Disney:

Travel through time and explore the remarkable history of human communication from the Stone Age to the computer age.

Back to the Beginning

Witness the landmark moments of amazing innovation that made today’s spectacular communications technology possible. 

Travel back to the dawn of humanity, when early man painted on cave walls. Watch new ideas spread like wildfire with the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press. The wheels of time turn ever faster as we enter the modern age of media, from newspapers announcing the end of the Civil War to the televised broadcast of the moon landing—and beyond. 

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Have you ever seen Spaceship Earth with the lights on? Share your experience with us in the comments. 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Parks operations.

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