Disney Cruise Passengers Startled by Unexpected “Guest” in Room

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Disney Wish at Port Canaveral

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

A few Guests aboard Disney’s newest cruise ship were started after finding an unexpected “Guest” in their room.

Marceline Market on the Disney Wish tables
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

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One of the more famous touches of any stay aboard a Disney cruise ship or Disney hotel would have to be the various types of animals made out of towels and other “equipment” Cast Members can find. For years Guests have returned to their hotel or staterooms and found all kinds of cute things created from items in their room.

Cast Members often specially make things for Guests’ birthdays, anniversaries, or other celebrations as well, making your stay that much more magical.

Disney Wish at Port Canaveraln aerial view
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

But recently, a few Guests were startled by what was left behind on Disney’s newest cruise ship. See the photo shared by Attractions Magazine below:

This towel animal startled us when we entered our stateroom on the @DisneyCruise #DisneyWish.

As you can see, some sort of animal or creature was constructed using several towels in the room. We would certainly be startled to see this left in our room as well but it goes to show just how creative and dedicated Disney Cast members truly are.

More on the Disney Wish

The Disney Wish is absolutely flooded with activities and areas to explore, just as unique as the suite itself! Captain Minnie and Mickey Mouse will greet you. On top of that, Guests can team up with Moana to navigate their canoes beyond the reef, helping Tiana cook up the perfect pot of her father’s favorite gumbo, summoning Tinker Bell to give the Disney Wish an extra dash of pixie dust, and diving into the East Australian Current (EAC) with Nemo and friends, as well as Marvel fun! Check out more of the offerings below!

Disney Wish at Port Canaveraln aerial view
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

We also recently learned that Disney Wish is debuting two brand-new shows with Disney Seas the Adventure, featuring Captain Minnie, and Disney The Little Mermaid. There is also a luxury Wish Tower Suite! The room features Moana accents to it as well as two master bedrooms, a kid’s bedroom with built-in bunk beds, and a library that can be transformed into another bedroom if needed, as does the Cinderella Castle Suite, as well as access to a personal concierge team, and more. 

If you are planning on setting sail on one of Disney’s cruise ships, make sure you take all the proper steps ahead of time, including:

  • Pre-Trip COVID-19 Testing
  • Embarkation COVID-19 Testing
  • Travel Insurance
  • COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Safe Passage Website/Registration
  • Online Check-In
  • Transfers from OIA to the Port

Are you planning on traveling on Disney’s newest cruise ship?

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