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Just a few weeks ago, Universal Orlando sadly announced that a beloved quick-service restaurant, Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe, would be permanently closed following a temporary closure during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This was a somewhat surprising announcement to fans of the restaurant and not much is known about what will become of the defunct eatery.

Universal Studios Classic Monsters Cafe was a beloved destination for Guests to go and eat and many were shocked to hear that it would be closing. Now, it seems Universal is taking no time in covering up the building.

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However, Universal did reveal that the space once used by the eatery would soon be home to an all-new dining experience, rumored to be themed after Despicable Me‘s (2010) Minions. This didn’t stop fans from mourning the closure of a classic Universal experience. Fans across the board expressed how sad they were to see this restaurant go, especially considering it may be taken over by the Minions, a property that not everyone may be in love with.

Now, after construction walls have covered the extinct restaurant, the rumored Minions retheme is looking more and more plausible.

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In photos shared by bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) on Twitter, we can see Minions plastered all over these walls, hinting at what may become of the building:

Many of the Minions graphics are designed for guest photo ops. On the construction fence at former Monsters Cafe.


The Classic Monsters Cafe has unfortunately joined the likes of iconic closed Universal experiences like Back to the Future: The Ride, Twister: Ride It Out, Earthquake, JAWS, Kongfrontation, and most recently, Shrek 4-D,

While it may be a sad day for the closure of the Classic Monster Cafe, there is a silver lining. Universal is rumored to be developing an entire Classic Monsters Land at Epic Universe, the massive theme park set to open in 2025, and there will undoubtedly be exciting and interactive dining experiences in this land when it opens.

Do you miss the Monsters Cafe?

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