Theme Park Falsely Advertises Roller Coaster as Its Own

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Alton Towers attraction

Credit: Alton Towers

Guests visiting America have a ton of options to choose from when visiting theme parks. From classics like Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Universal Studios in either Hollywood, California or Orlando, Florida, or the country-classic Dollywood, thrill-seekers and park-enjoyers alike are in for a treat wherever they land.

However, when visiting internationally, there are also quite a few great theme parks you won’t’ want to miss.

Oblivion coaster at Alton Towers
Credit: Alton Towers

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U.K. theme park Alton Towers is full of more than 40 rides, making it an easy theme park to get lost in. Rides like Oblivion, The Smiler, Wickerman, Galactica, Thirteen, Spinball Whizzer, Run Away Mine Train, and more. It is the second most-visited theme park in the UK, after Legoland Windsor.

The Resort is applauded for the sheer amount of rides and attractions it offers Guests as well as the level of thrill found on said rides and attractions. However, one keen Guest noticed something rather troubling when strolling through the park and shared it on social media.

Check it out below from @ThemeParkWW:

Can you guess the roller coaster that displays on the personalised gift screens at Alton Towers? Clue: it’s not a coaster at the park!

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As shared in the post, a screen next to a collection of gifts and souvenirs can be seen showing off a roller coaster at the park, or is it?. The roller coaster featured is actually Mako, according to the original poster, a ride that can be found in the U.S. at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.

We are not sure how this slipped past the design team or park management.

More on Alton Towers

The Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom is one of the UK’s most visited theme parks. Operated by the Merlin Entertainments Group, the Resort consists of a theme park, a water park, mini-golf, spa, and a hotel complex which includes Alton Towers Hotel, CBeebies Land Hotel, Enchanted Village, and Splash Landings Hotel, among others.

The theme park Resort, like others across the world like Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld, Six Flags, Dollywood, and Universal Orlando Resort includes many family-friendly attractions like CBeebies Land and Gangsta Granny: The Ride (based on the novels by David Walliams) and thrill rides such as Galactica, Nemesis, Wicker Man, The Smiler, and the world’s first vertical drop roller coaster, Oblivion.

Have you visited Alton Towers?

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