Resurfaced Video Shows King Louie Kite Shredded During Disney World’s KiteTails

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King Louie kite gets caught and rips at Animal Kingdom.

Walt Disney World’s controversial kite show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has gone viral again!

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KiteTails was called a “total meme” when it premiered in 2021 at the former site of the Rivers of Light nighttime show; many Disney Parks fans felt it was half-hearted and not thoroughly thought-out. One Disney fan said it was the “most disturbing thing” she’d ever seen.

TikTok user @everythingdisney133 shared a brief clip from the show, in which a kite depicting King Louie from Disney’s The Jungle Book (1967) gets caught on a green structure on the edge of the Discovery River arena at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. His arm gets torn off, and his fingers are shredded:


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Crash landings are par for the course at KiteTails – Walt Disney World even added a warning last year to let Disney Park Guests know that it’s normal for the oversized character kites to hit the water or the stands depending on wind conditions.

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Of course, this level of damage isn’t normal. But Walt Disney World Resort fans shouldn’t worry: the video is reportedly old and the damage will not affect current performances of KiteTails, which was shortened and removed from the regular Disney’s Animal Kingdom entertainment schedule last month.

More on KiteTails

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Credit: Disney

KiteTails debuted in 2021 as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration at Walt Disney World. Located on the Discovery River in DinoLand U.S.A., it features characters from The Lion King (1994) The Jungle Book (1967), Finding Nemo (2003), The Little Mermaid (1989), and more. From Disney:

Watch as favorite Disney characters take to the sky for an all-new performance during The World’s Most Magical Celebration!

Taking Magic to New Heights

Hearts and imaginations will soar as larger-than-life kites and colorful props dance through the air to the beat of beloved Disney songs. Enjoy 2 unique shows, each themed to a beloved Disney animated classic:

  • The Lion King, featuring kites inspired by Simba, Zazu and more
  • The Jungle Book, featuring kites inspired by King Louie, Baloo and more

See the magic take flight above the Discovery River Amphitheater during The World’s Most Magical Celebration—the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary.

Credit: Disney

Have you seen Kite Tails at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? What did you think? 


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