Do Disneyland Fans Love Their Park More Than Disney World Fans? Heated Debate Ensues

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Disney World to Disneyland

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Disney Parks fanatics love to debate which United States coast has the best Disney Resort.

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There’s Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California – Walt Disney’s original dream containing Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure.

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Then there’s Walt Disney World Resort outside of Orlando, Florida – Walt and Roy Disney’s “Florida Project” containing Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This week, a new debate entered the Disney Park fan community. Does the East or West Coast love their home Park more?

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It all started with a Tweet from @SeanNyberg, who wrote:

There’s always a lot of Disneyland vs Walt Disney World debates happening. But the one thing that’s crystal clear is that DL fans love their park way more than WDW fans love theirs. World fans do nothing but complain. Land fans treat their park like home.

To be clear, I am not making any conclusion on park quality. I am talking about the discourse and loyalty of their fandoms.

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Walt Disney World fans immediately came to the fan community’s defense. One said they feel Disneyland fans know that Walt Disney World is the bigger and better theme Park, so they’re more vocal about their loyalty to their California home. @gatortebowfan15 wrote:

Walt Disney World is home for some of us. As said in another post, I’ve been to Disneyland and I enjoy it, but it’s so glaringly obvious that WDW is superior in nearly every way that I think DL fans just say it over and over to try and compensate. But they know.

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Another said that Walt Disney World is home to more Disney influencer accounts that are willing to complain about their experience at the four East Coast Disney Parks. @wdwaristocrafts wrote:

That’s not even a fair statement. There are plenty of us that love WDW, and we can be and are just as vocal about it. We just happen to have a lot of medium to big-ish “influencers” whose opinion gets magnified.

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One Disneyland fan said that while Walt Disney World might be larger, with waterparks and an updated Disney Springs shopping complex, comparing Disneyland Park with Magic Kingdom makes Anaheim locals feel the original Main Street, U.S.A. is superior. @craftymom35 wrote:

As a full resort yes it’s superior, but I would say if you take the two Castle parks from each resort. That’s where Disneyland is very much on top of the game.

The consensus from both Disneyland and Walt Disney Worlds fans seemed to be that The Walt Disney Company focuses more on tourists and one-time visitors in Florida but focuses more on locals in California. A former Walt Disney World Cast Member, @MissManday, wrote:

WDW fans aren’t permitted to treat the park like home, because World wants to focus more on tourists rather than passholders. I used to spend so much time there back when I worked at the parks. I would go for a couple hours to watch a parade or show. I loved it. [1/2]

It was home to me. But they have shown us time and time again that we don’t matter to them. And the company pays so much more attention to DL than us. (Hello new characters every week for Marvel, new SW characters, etc.) So surely you can understand our frustration.

Twitter user @Aprilshack expressed a similar sentiment, writing:

2/2 A hell of a lot of people visit WDW as a one off trip of a lifetime and I feel that DL is more of a park that will attract locals? I feel Disney management don’t need to put as much effort into WDW as most people won’t see that the park has seen standards slipping over time.

Of course, both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are unique theme Park experiences with their own special experiences to try out!

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Which Disney Park has a more loyal fan community – Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Share your opinion in the comments. 


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