Fans Worried Part of Disney Ride Is Gone For Good After Going Missing

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Jack Sparrow as an animatronic.

Credit: Disney

One Disney fan sparked a discussion after asking why an element of a Disney ride has been missing.

pirates of the caribbean disneyland
Credit: Disney

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There are few rides or attractions as iconic and legendary as Pirates of the Caribbean. Found in the Adventureland section of Magic Kingdom, Pirates of the Caribbean continues the swashbuckling pirate adventure that originally started in the Disneyland Resort.

While the ride differed quite a bit from the original version, Disney World Guests still absolutely love this attraction and everything it has to offer, despite it being shorter. The ride has a long history of additions and changes, most notably being the “bride auction” scene which was changed.

Instead of brides being auctioned, the “Redd” character is seen at the center of the scene holding her own among all the other pirates. This was done to be more inclusive as well as promote a less adult-oriented scene for riders of all ages to enjoy.

Pirate on Pirates of the Caribbean attraction
Credit: Disney

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The ride also has been changed in other ways as more films from the mega-successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have been released. We saw mermaid skeletons and props from 2011’s On Stranger Tides make their way into the ride, though this did not last for long. One of the more peculiar additions to the ride was the infamous fog wall that Guests pass through at the beginning of the ride.

Here, Guests would pass under a projected image of Davy Jones as they can hear the chilling “dead men tell no tales” phrase that has become synonymous with the franchise. Unfortunately, this effect has been either turned off or stopped working and fans have noticed.

pirates of the caribbean dog and key jail scene
Credit: Disney

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A discussion online centered around this very element f the ride, with some users asking why it has yet to return. The post was shared with the caption, “does anyone KNOW why the Davy Jones mist hologram hasn’t returned to pirates of the Caribbean?”. One user said, “I feel like the projections never worked as well as they wanted but man, I LOVED the haunting music in that part, and the skeleton”.

Another said they were so sad to see it gone, as it was “their favorite part”. One said, “It’s gone forever. WDW and DL’s were both removed/deactivated when they redid the auction scene. WDW also had the mermaid part removed too, while DL also got the extra skeleton gag added”.

One user actually shared a convincing reason for the removal of the element but we cannot verify the actual information:

Fire Marshal ordered it removed due to it causing constant false fire alarms. The company that made the fog screen had also gone out of business so the parts to fix it were no longer available.

pirates of the caribbean ride exterior
Credit: Disney

Whatever the reason was, we miss this effect in the ride and hope to one day see at least a similar effect put back in its place. You can read more on the history of the changes on this ride as well as others by clicking here.

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What’s your favorite part of this ride?

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