Plans Revealed For New Attraction After Universal Demolishes Fan-Favorite Show

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Shrek 4-D facade

Credit: Universal

It continues to be a sad day for fans of the now-extinct Shrek attraction but for fans of Minions, you may be in luck.

minions take over shrek

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While Universal Studios has a long history of closing down beloved rides like Back to the Future: The Ride as well as the Jaws ride, few have been more talked about or joked about than one that was closed earlier this year.

As we’ve covered here at Inside the Magic, Universal Orlando closed down Shrek 4-D for good a few weeks ago, leaving many fans and Guests feeling quite sad. While Shrek 4-D was far from anything groundbreaking or advanced, the attraction gained a cult following and status. Shrek 4-D took Guests on a wild ride with Shrek and Donkey as they race to save Princess Fiona, who had been kidnapped by Ghost Lord Farquaad. The ride was set following the first film, and characters from the sequels– Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek The Third (2007), and Shrek Forever After (2010)— were not mentioned in the attraction. Shrek 4-D was a sit-down attraction in which the seats move, along with the use of water, sounds, and scents to fully immerse Guests.

Shrek and Donkey
Credit: DreamWorks

The attraction opened two years after the DreamWorks film Shrek (2001) due to its worldwide success and could also be found in Universal Studios Hollywood, Singapore, and Japan, with the attraction now only remaining at Universal Studios Japan and Singapore.

Unfortunately for fans of the attraction, it was permanently closed a few months ago with fans wondering what could possibly replace such an “iconic” attraction at Universal Orlando. In the past, we have seen hints at a Minions-themed replacement attraction but nothing has been confirmed. Now, however, things are a little more concrete with major permits being filed for the new attraction which you can see in a tweet from reporter Alicia Stella (@AliciaStella) below:

Big permit filed for Shrek 4-D replacement at Universal Studios Florida, Project 331, rumored to be the Minions Villain-Con attraction. The permit covers multiple utility upgrades and replacements, as well as new sidewalks, queue rails, interior partitions, catwalks and ceilings.

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The permits listed detail what Universal is planning on doing to the actual show building including plans to install new plumbing systems, walkways, queues, rails, new ceilings, and “various other facility elements”. While nothing is mentioned about Minions specifically, Universal covered the building with walls featuring Minions on them.

Now, we just have to wait for the official word from Universal about what is coming to the Park.

shrek 4-d
Credit: Universal

Do you miss Shrek 4-D?

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