Major Theme Park Is Being Demolished After Fatal Incident

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Montaña Rusa at Chapultepec Fair

Credit: Ximena1318 via Wikimedia

After over two years of being closed due to a fatal incident, Mexican theme park La Feria de Chapultepec, which translates as Chapultepec Fair, is nearing its complete demolition to be replaced in the coming years.

The theme park was closed on October 13, 2019, after having its operation permits revoked due to a fatal incident in which two Guests lost their lives and two more suffered severe injuries. The incident involved the derailment of a cart on the roller coaster “Quimera” on September 28, 2019.

Quimera at Chapulteper Fair
Credit: Wikipedia

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This roller coaster took Guests through almost one mile of steel tracks, including three vertical loops, and reached speeds of over 50 miles per hour. After a month of investigations, it was determined that the accident was caused by a lack of maintenance, ignoring the theme park’s own manuals and regulations. The ride was in no condition to be operational on the date of the incident.

Authorities found damage to the tracks, support beams, and joints of the ride, as well as unmarked trains and broken safety bars, which made the attraction only 58% safe for operations. In addition, it was found that screws that did not match the ride’s specifications had been used, which ultimately caused the derailment.

Chapultepec Fair Entrance
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The demolition process started on July 19, 2021, after a significant investment was announced to replace this iconic theme park in the heart of Mexico City, removing the over 50 attractions that could be found throughout the theme park. Demolition tasks reached their final stage on April 8, 2022, as “Montaña Rusa,” the most iconic ride of the park, started being demolished.

Montaña Rusa at Chapultepec Fair
Credit: Wikipedia

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Chapultepec Fair will be replaced with Aztlan Urban Park, a nearly 180 million dollar project that will showcase mostly mild thrill attractions, art exhibitions, gardens, and live music stages. Admission to the park will be free, but Guests will have to pay a fee to ride in the different attractions. Prices for each attraction have not yet been announced as the project is still in development.

Aztlan is expected to open its first areas on October 30 as part of the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations in Mexico City. The entire theme park is projected to open sometime in 2023.

aztlan theme park project
Credit: Mexico City Government

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