Comments for Major Theme Park Is Being Demolished After Fatal Incident

Montaña Rusa at Chapultepec Fair

Credit: Wikipedia


  1. Sabrina

    I am from Mexico City, and I grew up going to Chapultepec Park. That roller coaster, La Montaña Rusa was iconic. So sad it’s gone. But I was familiar with the accident in 2019, via the news, since I live in the USA now. There were phones that caught the accident, on YouTube. I highly recommend that you do not look. The rear car flew off, and a young child was one of the dead. This new park is needed. The original park has passed through so many hands, including the Six Flags Company. I hope this revitalizes our beautiful space, which is comparable to Central Park in NYC, while paying tribute to the vintage park I knew in the 70’s and 80’s.

  2. Gil

    Family of maintenance personnel should be made to ride on attractions that are maintained by techs. Perhaps then they would go by the book insuring rides are safe. What an unavoidable tragedy.

  3. Joe theme park

    On the positive side many of the rides will get a new chance at life at other parks. Quimera The coaster that the incident happend on is being rebuilt at Indiana Beach. The same owners ib parks are a company that has revived 3 parks that were recently closed/in danger of permanent closure… They also bought Cascabel 2.0
    for there niagara park.. Its a dam shame that Montaña Rusa was not saved and repaired to its former glory!! Its always good to see old and neglected rides receive new life !

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