Guest Claims They Were Forced to Ride Universal Coaster With Broken Restraint

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Hulk Coaster

Credit: Universal

When it comes to safety at Universal Orlando Resort, things are always treated with the utmost respect and care. Guests visiting Universal Orlando Resort can enjoy thrill ride attractions, all while knowing that every ride is carefully looked at by maintenance and well taken care of. That being said, once Guest seems to think otherwise.

Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster
Credit: Jessica Quinn

When The Incredible Hulk opened in Marvel Superhero Island at Islands of Adventure in 1999, Guests could not get enough of the green coaster. The Incredible Hulk features an upwards tire-propelled launch. As noted by Coasterpedia:

After the train departs the station, riders make a left turn and enter the gamma-ray accelerator. In the original version, the anxious voice of Bruce Banner was issued from speakers in the walls: “Everything looks good…I think…I think this time it’s…going to work!” On speaker, a female voice announces that there was a malfunction. Klaxons began to sound inside the tube as Dr. Banner screamed in terror: “No. No! No!! No!!!” The last “No!” caused the train to launch. Currently, a female announcer is heard on speakers saying, “Initiating Gamma Exposure. Hulk Transformation: Accelerating. Do not be afraid.” A few moments later, the train blasts from 0-40 mph in 2 seconds the train then enters a zero-g roll. After this, the train drops 105 feet and reaches a max speed of 67 mph.

Credit: Inside the Magic

As the ride continues, more thrill ensues.

Riders enter the cobra roll above the water, followed by a vertical loop. The train enters a tunnel and approaches a helix that wraps around the gamma-ray accelerator. The helix is followed by a corkscrew and a drop. This drop is followed by a second vertical loop and a few more turns. When riders hit the brakes, the train enters into the last inversion, which is a second corkscrew. Riders then through a few turns, then passing sideways through an on-ride camera zone and then to the ride’s final brakes leading to the station.

In 2015, the ride went down for a massive refurbishment which added all-new track pieces to the coaster, creating an even smoother experience. It seems that one Guest is claiming that before this refurbishment occurred, their husband rode the ride without his restraint locking into place. The Universal Guests shared their experience online, noting:

My husband hasn’t rode Hulk since 2007 (nor we had gone back to Universal Studios until very recently) because he was put in the “bigger guy” seat and it never mechanically locked. When you pulled the overhead restraint down, there were two buckles that fastened for him (regular seats had one) and when the whole row was screaming at the cast members that he wasn’t fastened in properly, they never stopped the ride. He, another guest next to him, and I tried to hold the restraint down just in case the buckle unlatched. When we got back it did mechanically lock and the cast member we talked to shrugged it off. I know the ride had a major facelift a couple of years ago and we’ve noticed Universal has upped their safety procedures but we’re hesitant because of that incident.

Credit: Inside the Magic

The post comes from a discussion regarding the safety of Universal Orlando Resort attractions after a future Guest was left with worry after hearing about the recent tragedy at ICON Park in Orlando, where 14-year-old Tyre Sampson was released from his seat while riding the world’s tallest freestanding drop tower, the Orlando Free Fall. Many Universal fans quickly jumped to Universal’s defense, alerting the Guest that they had nothing to worry about when it comes to Universal.

One fan even noted how much time and effort went into fixing The Incredible Hulk when they rode, “I was at Universal once about to ride the Hulk, and a screw on the back of a seat was found to be a little loose. They stopped ride operations for about 30 minutes and there were tons of staff checking it out and making sure it was fixed and safe- all for just one little loose screw. From that experience, I can tell Universal takes safety extremely seriously.”

the incredible hulk coaster
Credit: Universal

If we jump back to the Guest who claimed that the restraint was never locked in, others responded, dispelling the idea. One Guest stated, “Bigger guy here, with lots of experience on those bigger seats. If he was able to get the seatbelts to click, I guarantee you he was strapped in securely. It doesn’t *feel* like it clicks as much as it should when you’re pulling it down, but once he’s in to the point that the buckles clicked then he was good.” It does feel very unlikely that the Universal coaster would depart without the restraint being locked in. This has also just been a claim made, and never something that has been proven to be true.

From the post, however, it seems that regardless of what happened, the Guest may have been left terrified, but safe. If the restraint was not locked in, it seems likely that further injury may have occurred due to the intensity of the coaster.

Hulk Coaster
Credit: Universal

At the moment, Revenge of the Mummy is also under a massive refurbishment at Universal Studios Florida. That being said, Guests can still enjoy attractions such as Rip Ride Rockit, MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack, Transformers: The Ride, and more. Visit Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you can venture into Gringotts!  Islands of Adventure has some fantastic attractions like the new Jurassic World VelociCoaster, Jurassic Park River Adventure, The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, and more! Volcano Bay is also open for those who want to get their splash on, and at the moment, Epic Universe is under construction with a 2025 opening date.

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