The Incredible Hulk coaster smashed at Universal Studios Orlando amid renovation project

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If ever there was a real life version of this statement, “Hulk Smash” that time would be now. The skyline of Universal’s Islands of Adventure has been drastically changed with the removal of The Incredible Hulk Coaster. The twisted bright green steel that dominated the skyline is being slowly removed, piece by piece.

The coaster will be coming back in 2016, but until the new track arrives and installation begins, enjoy a view that’s never been seen since the park opened.

See the progress now on the Hulk project:

As you can see, the skyline is missing an icon. 
The bright green steel that commanded the skyline has been removed.

A drastic change from what the norm has been to tourists since the park opened.

  Classic Marvel comic book artwork has been placed along the construction walls, keeping true to the theme and design of Hulk. 

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