Guests Forced to Wait In INSANE Line Despite Paying For Lightning Lane

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splash mountain lightning lane (left) splash mountain (right)

Last year, both FastPass+ at Walt Disney World and MaxPass at Disneyland officially retired as Lightning Lane took its place, which is a paid service. If you were not aware, Lightning Lane is part of the new Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ service offered.

Guests visiting either Walt Disney World or Disneyland who do not wish to stand in line, can opt to pay for Lightning Lane for select attractions, including Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and more.

Splash Mountain
Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World has two options for Guests — the Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane Entrance and the Individual Lightning Lane Entrance.

The Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane Entrance is described as:

When you take your day to the next level by purchasing Disney Genie+ service, you may choose the next available arrival window for Lightning Lane entrances at select attractions and entertainment. More than 40 experiences in the four theme parks are included in the service.

You can enjoy a Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane entrance once per day. If you’d like to re-ride an attraction or see a certain show again within the same day, you are welcome to use our regular standby line.

Whereas the Individual Lightning Lane Entrance is as follows:

For some of our most highly demanded attractions, Lightning Lane entrance access is available to purchase individually. Guests may purchase and select an arrival window one at a time for up to 2 attractions a day. This option is available for all Guests—with or without Disney Genie+ service.

splash mountain zip a dee doo dah riverboat
Credit: Disney

Well, over Presidents Day Weekend, many Guests visited Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, resulting in high crowd levels and long lines. Because of this, some families decided to pay for Lightning Lane to try and bypass long wait times, but it seems that backfired as the Splash Mountain Lightning Lane completely took over Frontierland.

Disney World Guest Donna A. visited Magic Kingdom over the weekend and decided to utilize Lightning Lane for the popular attraction, Splash Mountain. However, when they arrived in the Lightning Lane, they noticed the line was backed all the way up through Frontierland, as seen in the image below.

splash mountain lightning lane
Credit: Donna A.

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Though Lightning Lane is designed to help cut down the wait time for select Guests, unexpected issues, such as ride breakdowns or malfunctions, may cause the Lightning Lane line to backup unexpectedly. If you ever experience this, please stay as patient as possible as the Cast Members are doing everything they can to make your day as magical as they can.

For more information on Lightning Lane, visit our website here.

Have you paid for Lightning Lane? Have you experienced a long wait time? Let us know in the comments below.

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