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splash mountain lightning lane (left) splash mountain (right)


  1. M

    More proof that no one has a problem with the iconic ride and there’s nothing wrong with it. With a line like that, the Walt Disney company would have to be crazy to re-theme this goldmine just to please a small Cancel Culture mob twitter crazies that hate everything and doesn’t pay a dime to go to Disney. Why waste millions on a stupid re-theme no one wants?! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Leave Splash Mountain alone.

    1. VC

      Stop being a hater M. The blog was about wait times, not the rides re-theming.

  2. Kyla

    Lightening Lane is a joke. Just returned from WDW two weeks ago. Anything worth LL reserves immediately at park open. Several are already completely gone before park open. You can only have one reservation at a time. So you book in the morning for a slot that may not be until late in the day. Basically unable to use LL the rest of the day. So you are paying all the money to only be able to get value on one ride a day. Plus, I have never had a trip yet plagued by so many ride closures and break downs. It was ridiculous.

    1. Lynette

      Actually, you can make a second LL reservation 2 hours after your first, or when you enter the current LL queue, whichever comes first.

  3. Christina

    Are we supposed to be surprised by this? She also went during a holiday weekend, so why wouldn’t the lines be extra long?

  4. Briahna

    Yep, we dumped a healthy chunk of change on Genie+ for our family of 7 and didn’t get to use the Lightning Lane at all. 😒

  5. Lee

    And people who DIDNT pay for lightening lane, but who DID still pay for insanely high park tickets are stuck in a standstill line until the lightening lane empties out. Making what would have been a 45 minute line a three hour line. With fast passes they used to take some fast pass guests and some standby guests and mix it up. Now, because people “pay” for the stupid lightening pass, standby guests are treated like second class citizens until the lightening lane is empty and at the end of the day standby guests got to do maybe 4 rides that they waited hours for. And lightening guests didn’t do much more. They have literally sucked the magic out of the Disney. No entertainment, and nickel and dime people for what few rides they get. Yippee….what fun.

  6. Dave

    Just got back from a trip. Attractions constantly breaking down. Made line ridiculous. After a half hour lightning lane wait, Toy Story Mania shut down and we backed out of the queue. Stand by land had waited 2 hours. At one point all 3 mountains, and Haunted Masion down. Are they trying to force people to Universal?

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