Elsa Killed 13 People, Caused $1 Billion In Damages After Florida Landfall

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Hurricane Elsa made headlines last summer when the storm hit Florida, home to Walt Disney World Resort. Now, new information on Hurricane Elsa has been released by the National Hurricane Center, seven months after the storm made landfall in Florida.

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Credit: National Hurricane Center

Orlando Sentinel reports that the Category 1 hurricane made landfall on July 7, 2021 and lasted a total of eight days, making it the most named storm days for an Atlantic storm since 2008′s Bertha, according to meteorologist of Colorado State University, Philip Klotzbach.

The National Hurricane Center released its report, which shows a total of $1 billion in damages to the southern United States and multiple Caribbean countries. Additionally, 13 people were directly killed by Hurricane Elsa, including a 26-year-old man who passed away due to Elsa’s force winds, which knocked down a tree and crushed him.

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On July 2, Tropical Storm Elsa strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 86 mph, but once Elsa made landfall over Cuba, it lost the majority of its power and weakened tremendously.

Elsa produced lots of heavy rain along its path. In Florida specifically, 3–7 inches of rain fell across the west coast of the state. The highest rainfall total was in Punta Gorda, Florida, where, according to the report, 11.04 inches accumulated.

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Along its path from Florida to New Jersey, Elsa created 17 tornadoes — two in Florida, two in Georgia, five in South Carolina, three in North Carolina, three in Virginia and two in New Jersey. According to the report, the strongest tornado touched down in Camden County, Georgia where it passed through an RV park and flipped over several vehicles. This tornado caused 17 people to become injured.

The NHC reported that once Elsa hit New Jersey on July 9, the storm transitioned into an “extratropical storm” and then continued north before breaking up over the Atlantic Canada area.

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