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When Guests to go Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or any other Disney Park, there is a ton of stuff that you can do, but there are also a few rules and regulations that must always be followed. 

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom
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Because Disney is located on private property, Disney has the ability to create their own rules and regulations in which Guests must abide by. Failure to do so can have Guests removed from the Park, banned for life, or worse, taken by the authorities. We have seen Guests suffer repercussions for using vulgar language consistently in the Parks and Disney Springs, for stealing a cucumber while jumping out of a moving attraction, for drinking fountain water and promoting it, for sharing backstage footage, and more. Even the kind of clothes you wear can leave you removed from Disney if you refuse to change.

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But, there are other unspoken rules that one Imagineer who worked with the Walt Disney Company for years has urged Guests to not do. Gabriella Sorrento worked for the Mouse for eight years and has come up with a list of best practices to follow while at the Parks. The list was published by Insider. Although none of these will get you kicked out of the Park (unless escalated), they seem to be big enough for Sorrento to point out.

Let’s dive in.

1. Don’t try to text while walking down Main Street in Magic Kingdom

This is one I would agree with. You can look down at your phone when needed, but Main Street, U.S.A. is a crowded area and if you are not paying attention, you will likely hit someone. Plus with cobblestone streets and tracks causing holes in the floor, it is easy to fall and get hurt.

Disney world 50th anniversary crowds magic kingdom
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2. Faking an injury to get a wheelchair or scooter isn’t cool

Personally, I didn’t think people actually did this. I recently had to rent an ECV after falling ill on a Disneyland vacation, and can say that it is costly and with big crowds, difficult to navigate. Walking on foot is a much more preferred method for me due to those reasons, however, it seems that renting them for no reason is an issue, according to Sorrento.

Having struggled to get a last-minute rental for an ECV, I can attest that booking these are hard (wheelchairs were totally out of stock), so be sure to not take from those who need it.

magic kingdom emporium
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3. Using flash photography on the rides is distracting and annoying

Many rides will announce to not use flash photography on signage before riding, and failure to comply can actually leave you in trouble. I have seen Carousel of Progress stop mid-ride after a Guest was filming with flash, as a Cast Member came over the speaker to tell them to stop. They listened and the ride went on, but failing to do so would have been a much bigger issue.

disney train station 50th
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4. The railings in the ride queues aren’t your personal seats

This is something I see often, especially with younger kids and teenagers. Climbing on rocks or sitting on rails in line is a safety hazard as they are not meant for seating. Oftentimes, Cast Members will also be watching via cameras and will announce that Guests must get off of the rails.

carousel with cinderella castle
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5. Don’t bring plastic straws or balloons into Animal Kingdom

This one should be obvious. Disney does not have any plastic available at Animal Kingdom. Even cups are served without a lid at the Disney-owned establishment. Although a lion may not be roaming Pandora, plenty of birds do which can eat the toxic litter, and they can also fly it over to closed off areas full of other animals.

magic kingdom ferry boat
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6. Wearing flip-flops to Disney World is a recipe for disaster

This one made me laugh. A day at Disney is often a long day, and your feet need to be comfortable. I actually think lots of flip flops that provide proper grip and support would be perfect at Disney, especially in terms of not having wet socks in the rain, but cheap ones can leave you in pain.

The new Magic Kingdom Central Plaza area between Main Street, U.S.A. and Cinderella Castle is now open to guests. The new landscaping is the first milestone of a multi-phase project that features sculpted gardens, charming fountains and winding pathways. This area is designed to be reminiscent of castle gardens and offers extraordinary viewing locations for parades and fireworks. Magic Kingdom is located at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)
Credit: Disney

7. Don’t argue with ride employees about your child’s height

Height requirements are put in place for the safety of Guests, and with height markers placed at every attraction, Guests cannot deny when their child is too small to ride. A Cast Member must abide by the rules set out by Disney, and they have no authority to change it. Therefore, getting mad at them will not serve any purpose. Always remember to be kind to Cast Members!

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For a full list of the rules and regulations at Walt Disney World, click here. 

What do you think of some of these “unofficial” rules to follow? Do you agree? What would you add? 

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