Rapper kicked out of Disneyland after Cast Member was allegedly threatened with gun

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Ohgeesy Disneyland

Credit: TMZ

Ohgeesy, a rapper and member of the music group Shoreline Mafia, was kicked out of Disneyland on Tuesday after a member of his party allegedly threatened a Disney Cast Member with a gun.

According to TMZ, Disneyland sources who were present during the altercation stated that the rapper and others visiting the park with him were waiting in the Indiana Jones Adventure queue when the attraction unexpectedly broke down. Disneyland officials say that Ohgeesy’s group became upset after waiting for approximately 15 minutes. As they were exiting the ride queue, one member of Ohgeesy’s crew became irritated and allegedly threatened a Disney Cast Member working at the attraction, warning the Cast Member not to mess with him because he had a gun.

Law enforcement said to TMZ that Disneyland security removed the man from the theme park. Police were reportedly told that the irritated guest said something along the lines of “I’m going to go home and get my gun” to the Cast Member, although sources who were present when the situation occurred shared that the threat sounded as though the guest actually had a gun on him.

After the altercation, Ohgeesy and the rest of the group went to Guest Services to speak to Disney Cast Members about the issue, although they were soon asked to leave the park due to what security deemed as poor behavior.

Later on Tuesday, the rapper took to social media to share his side of the story, saying, “All i did was try n take my son to disney, they talkin bout someone heard my boy say he got a gun and then wouldnt gimme a refund on like 2 bands worth of tix , theez mf’s cancelled , i was just as confused as this bitch.” He also shared a video that he took of his encounter with a female Disney Cast Member, speaking to her in a disrespectful manner.

Ohgeesy and his group’s negative experience at Disneyland comes not long after other recent altercations that have occurred at Disney Parks, from a fight at Disneyland to a Walt Disney World guest punching a Cast Member in line for Tower of Terror. As we’ve reported before, even the Happiest Place on Earth isn’t immune to real-life issues and interactions.

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Source: TMZ

in Disney, Disneyland Resort

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