Comments for Rapper kicked out of Disneyland after Cast Member was allegedly threatened with gun

Ohgeesy Disneyland

Credit: TMZ


  1. See old greasy,you need to play nice in the park,youre not on stage

    1. JC

      Violence does not belong anywhere , least of all Disney Parks

  2. Ronnie Capuano

    He’s a total punk, hope DL never lets him back in. rides go down all the time at every park, he waited 15 minutes? boo hoo people wait way longer than that to get on rides and don’t make a scene if the ride goes down, Disney don’t need these creeps in their parks anyway

  3. Kim

    What a total jerk! I hope he is banned for life!

  4. Cook

    They need to save their low life, ghetto and disrespectful behavior for their horrid rap trash “songs” (if you can even classify that as actual music) and take it to the streets where they belong. Leave Disney for those of us who know how to behave and give our kids a real example of how to react when things dont go our way and how to have patience and not explode after 15 minutes. Smh, stay in school kids. Stay in school.

  5. Vix

    Disney tickets are non refundable and it is clearly stated when you buy them. Rides break down all the time. Nothing to stress about and it is definitely not the cast member’s fault. Have to say though, I feel Disneyland needs to work on it’s security a bit. Disney World is larger, but seems to have less issues like this. This guy most likely will get a lifetime ban. Disney is not the place to try to act like a thug.

  6. Elizabeth

    I wish there were a way to keep idiots out.

  7. Melanie Durham


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