Disney Guest Once Assaulted Live Performer on Haunted Mansion

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The Haunted Mansion sign at Disneyland Park

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The Haunted Mansion at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland is a fan-favorite attraction. While taking the tour, Guests typically spot grim grinning ghosts, singing busts, wall-to-wall creeps, hot and cold running chills, and of course, the Ghost Host. Disney Imagineers are able to bring these things to life thanks to the use of animatronics, but did you know that back in the day, Haunted Mansion actually consisted of live performers as well?

Guests riding Haunted Mansion
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In the mid 80s, Haunted Mansion in Disneyland brought in live night performers that used to be stationed in the corridors of doors portion of the ride. However, due to a specific incident that took place, Disney decided to stop using live performers in Haunted Mansion for the safety of both Cast Members and Guests.

Just around the time of the 30th anniversary of Disneyland, Haunted Mansion was still using live performers to bring a unique experience to the ride. Well, during one of the rides, a Guest got so scared by the live performer that he grabbed the chest plate of the Cast Member and held on as he was dragged along with the Doom Buggy. Obviously, due to safety reasons, after this incident occurred Disney decided to do away with the live knights.

You can hear the full story in the TikTok video below:


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Haunted Mansion at night
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The official description of the Disneyland ride reads:

Dearly depart into a foreboding estate, drag your body to the dead center of the Portrait Chamber and watch as the walls begin to stretch before your eyes. Climb into your waiting Doom Buggy and embark on a shivering journey into an unearthly realm.

The disembodied voice of the Ghost Host is your private guide through the cadaverous dwelling—home to grinning ghosts and other spectral surprises.

Glide past a rattling casket in the conservatory. Head off to Madame Leota’s spooky séance room. Float by the Grand Ballroom and its waltzing apparitions. Take a spin through a cemetery where the spirited residents regale you with song.

Beware of lurking hitchhikers—these phantom pranksters may try to follow you home!

Constance hatchaway haunted mansion
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Did you know that Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion used to have live performers? Do you wish they kept them? Let us know in the comments below.

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