Haunted Mansion Queue Takes Over Magic Kingdom

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haunted mansion queue

On Monday, October 18, Magic Kingdom was filled with happy Guests as the Haunted Mansion queue took over the theme park.

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Haunted Mansion at night
Credit: Disney

In a TikTok video posted by mustbethe23 on Monday, October 18, we can see just how long the line for Haunted Mansion. In fact, the line wrapped all the way through Liberty Square and had a posted wait time of 75 minutes.

You can see it in the TikTok video below:

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Many are surprised to see the number of Guests inside the Parks, but it is important to keep in mind that Disney World is continuing to modify its health and safety protocols as the world continues to fight and move forward amidst the ongoing pandemic. Some of these modifications include no longer requiring face masks outside and adjusting the Parks capacity levels.

Although we do not know exactly what percentage the Parks are operating at, we do know that earlier this year, Disney CEO Bob Chapek confirmed that the theme parks have already started increasing capacity once again, which you can read more about here. Again, at this time, we do not know exactly what percentage of capacity Disney World is operating at, but we know it is higher than 35% — And you can see the crowds and capacity increase reflected in the TikTok video above.

If you are planning on visiting Disney World on your next vacation, be sure to familiarize yourself with the current safety protocols at the theme parks. You can view them by visiting the official Walt Disney World website here.

More on Haunted Mansion

haunted mansion ballroom scene
Credit: Disney

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The spirited Haunted Mansion adventure is guided by the “disembodied voice of the Ghost Host” as he is your private tour guide “through the cadaverous realm of an eerie haunted estate, home to ghosts, ghouls and supernatural surprises.” Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!

Disney World describes this attraction as:

The disembodied voice of the Ghost Host is your private guide through the cadaverous realm of an eerie haunted estate, home to ghosts, ghouls and supernatural surprises.

Glide past a casket-filled conservatory, Madame Leota’s chilling séance room and a ghostly graveyard of singing specters as you attempt to find your way out. Beware of hitchhikers—these phantom pranksters may follow you home.

Happy haunting!

the haunted mansion
Credit: Disney

Have you noticed an increase in crowd levels recently? Let us know in the comments below.

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