Oh, Come On! Disney Teases With Railroad Refurbishment Photo

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Credit: Disney

Well, this just isn’t right! D23 has been announcing all sorts of big news today. From entertainment returning like the new Finding Nemo musical to an exciting new cavalcade at Magic Kingdom Park and more, it’s been a full day of great news. But, then… then there was a tease!

disney world railroad
Walt Disney World Railroad (Credit: Disney)

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If you’re a Walt Disney World regular, chances are you’ve noticed the Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom has been closed for a LONG time. A very long time actually… since December 2018. The closure of each train station was needed due to the construction of the incoming Tron Lightcylce Power Run in Tomorrowland. To construct the roller coaster, Disney closed the railroad track. It has remained closed ever since as listed on Disney World’s refurbishment calendar.

tron construction
Tron Coaster Construction (Credit: ITM Kelly C.)

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With all the breaking news today, when we saw an image of the Walt Disney World train pop up, we got all sorts of excited! As D23 took to Twitter to make all the announcements that were being presented at the D23 event, they also retweeted a post from Disney Parks.

Disney Parks took to Twitter to share, “First look at the fully refurbished Walter E. Disney Engine 1 from the Walt Disney World Railroad. #DestinationD23 @DisneyD23”. Check out the photo in the tweet below:

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Don’t get us wrong. We’re thrilled to see an image of the fully refurbished Walter E. Disney Engine 1. It’s a beautiful steam locomotive as always! BUT, like the comments to this tweet note… how about any OPENING DATE? Sorry, Disney fans, but it looks like for now we’ll be kept waiting for this train ride.

When do you think we’ll see the reopening of the Walt Disney World Railroad?

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