J.K. Rowling Removed From Charity Event After Transgender Employee Speaks Out

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J.K. Rowling is known by many for creating the Harry Potter franchise, which has blown up into a massive fandom. Not only did Rowling create a book series, but the author paved the way for a Broadway show, eight films, spin-offs, merchandise, and theme park lands at Universal theme parks around the globe.

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Although there are many positive achievements from J.K. Rowling, she has been in the spotlight for quite some time due to her alleged views regarding the transgender community. As we have discussed, J.K. Rowling has made public social media posts that indicate she does not necessarily support the transgender community and, as a result, has received backlash from both fans and Harry Potter movie actors. Now, it seems Rowling is missing out on opportunity due to her alleged beliefs.

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The author was set to be a part of Oxfam’s upcoming bingo game, highlighting inspirational women. Reportedly, the bingo game would use “pictures of 48 famous women rather than numbers on cards that are matched with tokens showing the same female figures”. Rowling was recently removed from the list of 48 women after a transgender staff member spoke up against the author’s beliefs.

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Oxfam commented on their decision to remove Rowling from the list of inspirational women stating:

“We took the decision to remove the game from sale following concerns raised by trans and non-binary colleagues who told us that it didn’t live up to our commitment to respect people of all genders.”

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Although J.K. is not often met with support on her beliefs, we have seen others come to her defence. Ralph Fiennes, who plays Voldemort in the film adaptations of the book series, has recently shared that he finds the condemnation the author of Harry Potter is facing “irrational.”

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The Harry Potter star who played the villain Lord Voldemort said:

“I can’t understand the vitriol directed at her. I can understand the heat of an argument, but I find this age of accusation and the need to condemn irrational. I find the level of hatred that people express about views that differ from theirs, and the violence of language towards others, disturbing.”

For now, it seems that Rowling continues to stand by her beliefs and will take whatever repercussions she must.

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