Comments for J.K. Rowling Removed From Charity Event After Transgender Employee Speaks Out


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  1. Mark Byrd

    Disturbing! The left demands tolerance of their views, but, don’t consider any others’.

    1. Skylar

      It’s not an opinion when it’s against someone’s existence. It’s hatred and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

      1. Adam

        JK’s comments weren’t hate. Her position was that she wanted to protect the definition of “woman” – and her definition of a woman didn’t include trans women. Ultimately a trans woman can live like, look like and be treated like a woman but she will always be a trans-woman. I don’t think JK is alone in thinking this. Gender identity isn’t all about changing your gender. JK had a rough time as a single Mum and it looks as though she feels very protective of her gender. Do I think it was appropriate that she decided to amplify her opinion? No. But I think the reaction to what she said has been extreme. Was Mother Theresa pro Gay Marriage? I am willing to be she wasn’t! But she did a lot of good for the world. We can all have different opinions and still get along.

        1. Skylar

          Trans women are women. Trans is a description. Just like cis women, white women, black women, tall women or short women. Rowling doesn’t get to decide that just because she had a hard time (boo hoo) and doesn’t feel secure she just gets to say “Nope, I don’t know like them, so they’re not women. Everyone has hard times, does that mean I can wake up one day and be like, “Ya know, I don’t feel confident in my height, so now tall women are no longer women.” Sounds pretty stupid right? Your opinion doesn’t matter if it’s literally against someone just being.

          1. Jasper Westerhof

            So if a white person would identify as black, and a black person would object to this identification, what would you say then?

            1. Trixie


              People like Skylar would say that was very different and that the person was trying to be something they are not or were trying to co-opt someone else’s biology.

              They don’t see their hypocrisy and never will. That’s just how the looney left is!

          2. Trixie

            Skylar: No, trans-women are men dressing up and acting like women. Women, biologically and scientifically speaking, are very different from trans-women.

            You say that Rowling doesn’t get to decide what is what, but then you go and say that YOU get to decide. Hypocritical much?

          3. John

            “Trans women are women.” That’s just an opinion as well. You mocking her experience as a single Mom is telling (boo hoo?) however.
            But by all means, like that transgender whatever, keep clutching your pearls and prevent J.K. Rowling from making a charity effort successful. That’ll show her!

        2. Debra Rusovick

          Well said!

        3. Trixie

          Well said, Adam!

      2. Sarah Wagland

        Skylar, so it’s ok for you to go against my existence? My very essence? My female biology? The thing that makes me who I am, a woman. How dare you! You hateful hypocrite. You leave me and my body alone. My body gives me the right to call myself a woman. You can pretend you’re one but that will never make you one.

        1. Debra Rusovick

          Nobody is against your existence. You are born a male or a female. If you decide to change that, it is your business. But do not expect everyone to agree with you. I have transgender friends, and I don’t treat them any differently than I do anyone else. Yes, they are people. Yes, they deserve respect. I call them by the name they choose. But they are still the gender they were born with, no matter what. Sorry if you don’t agree.

        2. Verdigris

          You are not a woman. You cannot, and never will be, a woman. Your bones, your chromosones, your very DNA is and always will be those of a man.

          If people disagreeing with you about being a woman “invalidates” you, you’re not going to do well in life. Because no one truly does — even the people who *say* they do.

        3. D

          You are changing the subject. Neither JK Rowling or the person to whom you are replying has challenged your existence. Either you can debate the actual topic or you cannot but pretending the issue is something else entirely wins no points.

      3. Skip McDougal

        Sorry Skylar, you are wrong in so many ways. “Trans” women are not biological women. They are men who are mentally ill and think they are women. To call them women is an extreme insult to actual women.

        1. Trixie

          AMEN, Skip!

          If you have or were born with a p**is, you are male, no matter what you call yourself.

      4. Cal

        She stated a fact

      5. Trixie

        LOL! No, Skylar, it is NOT “hatred”, it’s one person’s opinion. You need to grow up and learn the difference.

      6. L

        As a lesbian, I stand firmly with JK. The LGB movement started under the premise that we are “born this way” as in, perfectly fine as we are. How does medicalizing and insisting on surgeries affirm you are perfectly fine as you are? It used to be if a girl was butch or tomboyish you might wonder if she’d grow up to be a lesbian but one should be fine with that! Now if a girl is a butch, you say maybe she is a “man inside”? This is erasure of us lesbians. What’s more, too many trans women identify as lesbians even without surgery. Then call us transphobic bigots for not wanting to date them. I don’t care how you identify, if you have a male body under your dress, I am in no way attracted to you and it is lesbophobic and HATEFUL to insist that I should be!

      7. Little Dogie

        The hate is from the trans rights people. They are misogynists and hate women. They think women’s rights are not valid when it comes to trans women’s demand. Women’s rights are not transphobic. I stand with JK.

      8. Dia

        Women’s rights matter. Our language matters. Our sexed and oppressed bodies matter. We are half the world, and transwo-men are less than half a percent, yet the world bows down to these delusional, narcissistic, fetishy MEN.

    2. Kalisita

      Always be critical of any platform that seeks to advance itself by reflexive and vicious ad hominem attacks to any that dare question their ideology, silencing any voice that dares to dissent or critique their actions and agendas, and inciting mob behavior online or off to have negative impactful consequences to those they disdain. Doesn’t matter who they are or what they say they stand for- tyranny should be opposed wherever we may find it.

      1. L

        Well said! It makes me think of the quote “The truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does not like being challenged.”

    3. Heather

      And it’s 10x worse for you conservatives. You expect everyone to bow to you, but have no tolerance for others. So why should anyone tolerate you?

      1. Trixie

        Well if THAT isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!

        Conservatives believe in free speech and don’t “cancel” people because they think differently. THAT is the looney left’s domain!

        And since the left has no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t think in lockstep with them, why should we tolerate them?

    4. Trixie

      Exactly! No one can say anything anymore without the fear of being “canceled”.

      The left doesn’t care about free speech or anyone’s personal opinions unless it meshes with their idiotic view of the world.

      1. L

        You’re right! The problem is too many on the left have a huge ego, which comes from a sense of moral superiority. You don’t have to listen if you’re right, is the sentiment. I’m ashamed to admit this is how I felt when I was on the left. I’m so grateful that I came to my senses.

  2. Joanna

    I agree that everyone has an opinion and if this is disturbing to some and not others. You have 50/50 and she has accomplished many things in her life with her opinion and you should honor that. That’s what freedom of speech was for the last 200 or more years. Everyone is entitled. Not all believe in transgenders but have accepted it as thier thing just not mine. This is my OPINION. Only others have one too. But to degrade someone for thier beliefs is wrong. Ex:. My choice my body saying for bortions.
    But my choice. My body for nonmandatory vaxxed.

    1. Trixie

      Joanna, you said it well!

      1. Theta

        Imagine if u were born a man but you felt really uncomfortable in that body and u wanted to be female instead. How would you feel if a bunch of random i̶d̶i̶o̶t̶s̶ weird people on the internet said you had to stay uncomfortable for the rest of your life and made u feel absolutely miserable about your own existence??? Like just say “yes okay, you can be which ever gender u feel most comfortable with” and boom your done. If u can’t accept it then just keep your opinion to yourself because really nobody wants to hear what u have to say Karen.

        1. AT

          “Karen”..your misogyny is SO obvious. disgusting.

          gender is a myth. it’s stereotypes. you can’t “choose” to be a woman or a man.

          -signed a progressive liberal who used to be on your side

        2. Dia

          We don’t care how he dresses, wears his hair, or use of anything considered “feminine”
          We merely draw the line at saying he’s a woman, because he’s not and cannot ever be!

  3. Will

    Pretty scary how these “transgender” people may attack other folks and their careers at will, all the while people too scared to stand up for themselves or their neighbors out of fear of retribution…

    What exactly does transgender perpetrated hate crimes have to do with Disney and Universal Parks though?

    1. L

      There has been debate because the trans community wants to shut down Harry Potter World, as well as obliterate any product that has even a tinge of JK on it. They have even been burning her books, much like the more extreme religious groups were doing after she was first published.

  4. Darlene Waters

    She doesn’t have any negative opinions about trans people and their human and civil rights. She’s not transphobic at all. She objected to cisgender women not being allowed to call ourselves women in contexts about issues that are associated with being biologically female, and she also said that trans activism does not take care to avoid increasing the danger to females from male predators who would hijack their movement to silence and otherwise menace women, and they have proved her point multiple times since this controversy started.

    1. LMAO

      Oh Darren! you stop it right now you silly boy!

    2. Sue

      You are absolutely correct!

    3. Trixie

      Darlene, you are 100% right. But the looney left can’t see it that way…..they think that JK “attacked”, when all she did was give her OPINION. Of course, that isn’t allowed anymore if you don’t agree 100% with the left….

  5. Nicole

    She only speaks the truth and people don’t like that. This is just more misogynistic vitriol from the trans and non binary community. They want all women to cater to them or they will cancel them.

  6. Ransom Noble

    Women have had a long uphill battle that they’re still fighting on many fronts. They’re finally making REAL progress and who comes along to steal their feminine mystique? Men! Why can’t you just be Your own special being? You need to invade women and girls space?

    1. Mar

      Totally! Worst part is so called feminists put women in a second place, they rather prefer to support former men , and if women disagree with somenthing, they are called terfs and become target of bullying and death treats. That’s why feminism is a joke now.

      1. Anna

        Sad that we have to be labeled radical feminists to state that a woman is a woman and a man is a man.

    2. Trixie

      Ransom, as a woman I completely agree with everything you say! Especially when it comes to sports – trans-women want to be able to compete against REAL women because they can’t beat the men they were competing against.

  7. Steven

    Here we go again letting the perverts and mentally defective people tell everyone they are offended and with them getting their panties in a wad they want to be INTOLERANT and try to destroy some who dosnt fit their agenda or twisted beliefs

    1. Sam

      Would it be better to lie about your views? Why is it so wrong to state your point of view? We live in a world where everyone has different opinions on everything why do we have to stay silent through fear of offending people isn’t that removing my right to verbally express my opinion and if so would people who would rather I lied then express it be ok with my thinking it but not stating it?

  8. Skylar

    Good! She deserves more than that! It’s not just an opinion when that view is against someone’s existence.

    1. Skip McDougal

      When has JK ever said people don’t exist or spoke out against their existence? She hasn’t. Not once.

      1. Trixie

        No, Skip, she hasn’t. But that won’t stop the idiots on the left (like Skylar) from trying to “cancel” her.

  9. jimgoskins

    The author of this article is transphobic. Shame on her.

  10. Mar

    JK was defending women, a word that now it’s a sin to ever mention. There are so many reasons why erasing the word woman is absurd just to include a minority that already belong to the LGBT community. There are countless of reasons why is a danger to allow everybody to indentify as a woman in women spaces, JK was very clear about it, but seems to me that the people behind the trans activism (not even trans folks) have sketchy reasons about it. Why these minority feels entitled to police freedom of speech? Why they think they can force and demand other people to think like them? Companies seem hijacked by these folks, doing whatever they order. Time to grow a pair!

  11. Send transgender to Chinese Reeducation Camps for reconsidering their mistaken ways..

  12. Send transgender to Chinese Reeducation Camps for reconsideration of ways…

  13. Kas

    Oh for God sake. I’m very much pro transgender and anything related. I also read what Rowling actually said on the topic and there was nothing hateful there. People made it hateful and it’s just sad an organisation like this promotes this hate-society by listening to the haters instead of critically looking at what Rowling actually has to say on the topic. Sad.

    1. Tina Torrontes

      1. This isn’t about JK Rowling anyway – it’s about transgender MAN Elliott Page who needs to be removed from their list of “influential women” (see my comment below).

      2. BTW … for cases where the topic actually is JKR … Rowling has said she wants to remove basic human rights from transgender women (by removing their right to use public facilities like toilets or by forcing them to publicly “out” themselves as trans on a daily basis). That would make transgender lives basically unlivable, unable to be employed, unable to get an education, unable to safely travel more than a few minutes away from home . You may have some peculiar definition that calls that “not hate” or even calls it “pro transgender”, but, whatever you call it, it IS an attempt to create massive oppression of transgender people that would make transgender lives unbearable.

  14. Sarah Wagland

    Skylar, any woman can be a woman, whether she be gay, straight, black, white, tall, short etc but a man cannot be a woman. Being a woman is not a choice. It is someone has a body able to make eggs, incubate and feed a baby. We might have the choice to mutilate our bodies but that doesn’t give us the capabilities of the other gender.

    1. Tina Torrontes

      LOTS of women can’t “make eggs, incubate, and feed a baby” … it’s a deeply misogynistic insult to call someone “not a real woman” just because she can’t have babies.

      Besides, defining women based on body-parts is something misogynists do – the fundamental oppressive act of patriarchy – fighting against that is one of the most basic principles of feminism. Let’s not go back to the 1950s. That attitude goes beyond attacking “infertile” women and is an insult and a denigration of ALL women.

      1. Soba

        So defining it based on stereotypes of performative feminimity or some magical “soul”-like inner feeling that cannot be described is better?

  15. Tina Torrontes

    The article is missing a basic and important fact.

    The game also portrays Elliot Page (a transgender MAN) in his pre-transition female persona, calling him “she”, and using his “deadname”.

    THAT’S the reason to drop it – it’s out of date and portrays a transgender man as a “woman”. They’d have to make a new list without him and redo the entire thing. They apparently decided or wasn’t worth re-doing so they dropped it instead.

    Presenting this as “the victimisation of JK Rowling” is a lazy assumption that ignores the facts and is just another example of fixation on JKR’s ego.

    1. Kevin

      About like the victimization of a mentally ill person who thinks they are a different gender? Sorry but if you’re born with an outtie then you’re a man. End of story

  16. Mickeymouse3

    Why does anyone care what HER opinion is? You have yours, she has hers. So what. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. Be you and don’t worry about her, or anyone else for that matter.

  17. Kevin

    Why does less than 1% of the population get to dictate what 99% thinks or says?

    1. Heather

      Why do you assume it’s 99% who thinks or says certain things? You don’t speak for the majority of anyone, nor do you know numbers to be that precise.

  18. Jenny

    The Cursed Child isn’t just On Broadway it’s a Global Show as well

  19. Sue

    I’m sick and tried of this garbage. I take offense to the word cisgender, a word made up for this stupidity. I am a WOMAN! I was born that way. You either have XX chromosomes or XY and no amount of body muliplation is going to change that.

  20. Mason

    This is just another thing by the woke left. Forcing people to cater to a minority. This is the ultimate picture that cancel culture is terrible and should be canceled. If we don’t cancel cancel culture we will never have the ability to have free thinking again. The LGBTQ movement is not just a sin but now as of 2020 a Marxist cult. I don’t like Harry Potter but I am standing with JK Rowling.

    1. Heather

      Conservatives are scum of the earth and don’t speak for the majority of Americans or even the world. Who do you think you people are? You want to cancel others who don’t agree with you, just like the other side.

    2. Trixie


  21. Mason

    LGBTQ then: We want to get married

    LGBTQ now:If you don’t cater to our weddings we will sue you and ruin your livelihood ,push our lifestyle on children young as four, demand our flag be flown at embassies even though we are a minority, if you don’t go by my pronouns we have the right to sue, if you don’t had our lifestyle in media we will be enraged, and rewrite biology books.

    1. Trixie

      It’s disgusting, isn’t it? But give people an inch nowadays and they take 10 miles!

    2. L

      As a lesbian, the trans community does not speak for me. They never should’ve been part of our movement in the first place. We want people to accept we were born this way whereas they are adamant against fighting how they were born tooth and nail.

  22. Lynne M. Staley

    You may not like it but this is a country where we have free speech. It seems we are all supposed to go along with what some say but not others.

    1. Trixie

      Exactly right!

  23. Trixie


    She said what she feels and no one should “cancel” her because of it.

  24. John

    Absolutely shameful behaviour from Oxfam and shame also on the complainants, who clearly themselves are bigoted hypocrites.
    Ms Rowling, like all of us is entitled to give her opinion, like it or not.

  25. A

    Someone else cancelled for having a different opinion than the “tolerant” left. Business as usual…

  26. G

    Personally I dont think she should have worded it as she did making it sound as if trans people are invalid. Because she has such a platform and fans she should have put more thought into it. That being said i dont think she deserved the hate shes getting. You can dislike her all you want but burning the books or trying to get the park removed is idiotic. Trans people should be able to live normally. Just because their not biologically the gender they are does not mean they arnt mentally. It doesnt affect anyone else what one person decides to do with THEIR body. Its like men putting abortion laws in. Its not their body its not their choice.
    That was a massive tangent but those are my pesonal opnions 😀

  27. Johari

    “Rowling was recently removed from the list of 48 women after a transgender staff member spoke up against the author’s beliefs.”

    Am I reading this correctly? So now I have to believe what the “Thought Police” is telling me or else? And if I voice my opinion or put it into words, I’ll be removed? Interesting. I wonder how many people are lying. Well, as a biological woman who believes that gender is a fact, I refuse to be bullied into silence. I was never a Harry Potter fan until now. JK Rowling has my support.

  28. Theta

    Dear Transphobic People Of The Internet,
    If you have an opinion then feel free to say it as long a you aren’t disrespectful, screaming and/or raging. It’s litterally not your life, is it? You say “freedom of speech” but I believe you crossed the line into hate speech. You will only cause distress and hatred between people and honestly we have enough of that on Earth already. Kindly stfu if you can’t be respectful. Also, feel ashamed that a 14 year old can be more polite and respectful than you. And have fun in the fields of punishment when you get to the underworld. 🙂 Thank you for taking your precious time to read this.
    Yours sincerely,
    The person who isn’t wailing/complaining/mad/idiotic/transphobic.

    1. TranswomenAreMisogynisticMen

      Remember when Margaret Atwood was doxxed by terfs for supporting trans rights? Me neither, it didn’t happen.

      On the other hand, TRAs doxxed an 80yr old woman for not kowtowing hard enough.

      Trans-ideology is misogynistic and homophobic 🙂

    2. Lodestone

      You start your piece labelling everyone as transphobic. On what basis?

    3. C

      🎼there’s a difference between hate speech and speech that you hate🎼

  29. Candice

    JK Rowling has overcome a lot of her own issues and it is hats off to this beautiful wonderful individual to maintain her stance. You go girl!!!

  30. C

    Your logic doesnt track, as you said you went off in a tangent with men putting abortion laws in. Not there body not there choice. Well the featus/baby is not your body so by your logic its no longer your choice. Again you went off topic.
    As for JK she expressed a view which i believe is shared by generally a silent majority that women are women and men are men and that womens rights should be protected and not reduced from transgenders activism. My view be hetro if your hetro be homo if your homo, if your bi be bi if your trans be trans. No issue with any of them but understand who you are and dont deminish others unfortunately alot of trans activism has done that and not taken account of people views or some rational risks or removal of rights. It has also been very vocal and very much over represented and very sinsterly pushed on young adults and children, which on most parts has caused more backlash than getting the majority onboard.

  31. Lodestone

    When you live inside a social media echo chamber the world is perfect. You have the ability to block and cancel people simply by tapping a button. The problem is, when you step into the real world everything is different. Not everyone will share your opinion or agree with you so you scurry back to your online echo chamber and scream about how evil and full of hatred the world is. Everyone in your echo chamber agrees and you feel good. If the trans activists & allies want to be taken seriously, step out of the echo chamber, leave your book of phrases on the desk (trans women are women OR gender is a social construct) and have a conversation. Face to face…

  32. C

    It’s got nothing to do with being against the trans community because she isn’t. It’s about standing up against the erasure of women to suit a man’s comfort, ego and whim. It’s about trans people and allies trying to condemn biology and sex in favour of fantasy and whatever made up gender they “feel” that day when it’s nothing more than your personality and personal choice. Being a girl and liking wearing boys clothes doesn’t make you a boy and vice versa, it’s called a personality not a gender. Sex is immutable, gender is a spectrum of personality, aesthetic, traits, upbringing, influences, a whole host of things, but they don’t make you the opposite sex, all the pills and surgery and whatever else will not change that. Biology is not bigotry, truth is not hate speech and men are not women!

  33. Meg

    Totally support her and respect the hell out of her to not caving to the pressure from those folks who get their feelings hurt. That’s childish and ridiculous. They need to grow up and realize that if they think everyone in our world will all think alike one day, they are 100% nuts. People are different. They have different opinions. God made us unique. Deal with it. If you want to be a gay or dress like a girl or boy, or change your body parts for some weird reason, well that’s great. But nobody has to like it. Quit crying

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