Petition Asking For Bob Chapek to Be Fired From Disney Goes Viral

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A petition is now making its rounds asking for the Walt Disney Company to fire CEO Bob Chapek.

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In early 2020, Bob Chapek took on the role of CEO of the Walt Disney Company after Bob Iger stepped down. Prior to becoming CEO, Chapek was the Chairman of Parks and Resorts for Disney. 

Chapek has been CEO during the ongoing pandemic and has made difficult decisions throughout this last year and a half, including budget cuts and layoffs.

Now, a petition on is making its rounds on the internet, which is asking for the Walt Disney Company to fire Bob Chapek. 

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The petition reads:

Bob Chapek became the Chairman of Parks and Resorts for Disney in 2015. He has consistently made decisions that decrease the quality of what is put into the parks, and also ones that favor using Intellectual properties instead of original attractions. He consistently put himself and money above the product, and quality of the company.

In early 2020 he became the CEO of the Walt Disney Company which was extremely concerning. Bob Chapek has made an excessive amount of budget cuts, even with the Covid-19 pandemic being considered. Budget cuts began before the pandemic began, and increased. He recently reinstated full executive salaries at Disney, and also has laid off over 28,000 employees throughout the company. And now he is moving the focus to Disney plus, the current big money maker, instead of keeping the parks at high quality.

Normally you would think to keep the quality of the parks during a time of decreased revenue, but he is concerned about what will make him the most money quickest. Maintenance at the parks has also gotten its worst under Chapek, and is not getting better. Chapek has proven he doesn’t care about the quality and legacy of Disney.

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The petition goes on to mention the current Chairman of Parks and Resorts a Disney, Josh D’Amaro, and how he has been very involved in the Parks, “assuring quality, greeting Guests, and even riding through new attractions to assure high quality”. Per the petition:

Josh D’Amaro, the current chairmen of parks and resorts, has not been able to do much under current circumstances, but has been very involved in the parks, assuring quality, greeting guests, and even riding through new attractions to assure high quality. He even went out of his way to console and apologize to cast members throughout Disney world and Disneyland that were effected by the layoff.

So far he has proven an interest, and commitment to the parks, and a want to make them better. While he hasn’t been there long he has made a wonderful impression, and could be a good replacement for Mr. Chapek. There are also probably many other executives in Disney that they could make their new CEO. Bob Chapek is hurting and tarnishing the name of the Company, and needs to be removed.

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Though the petition is created by an anonymous user, it is clear that many agree with the petition and feel as though Bob Chapek is not taking the company in the appropriate direction.

The petition has already garnered nearly 1,900 signatures. You can view the petition here.

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