Disney+ Looks to Beat Netflix While Continuing Rise to Top

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Although Disney+ is still a baby compared to its 24-year-old competitor, Netflix, the almost two-year-old streaming service which is owned by Disney, is now projected to go to infinity and beyond. Predicted to top the charts by 2026 and upend Netflix, Disney+ is certainly on its way and has the perfect amount of leverage to do just that.

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Analysts have estimated that Disney+ will reach a ballpark of 284.2 million subscribers by the time 2026 rolls around. Already at 116 million subscribers and counting, the platform continues to provide customers with top notch programs and service.

Disney+’s Star Wars series, The Mandalorian was one of the highest streaming series in demand. Debuting the beloved Grogu AKA “Baby Yoda”, the pint-sized “Child” stole the hearts of fans and took them on an emotional rollercoaster in his adventure to safety with his Mandalorian caretaker Din Djarin played by Pedro Pascal.

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Along with The Mandalorian, Disney+ has also been continuously adding original movies, television series, specials, and more to its expansive list of options for subscribers. Unfortunately for other streaming services like Netflix, Disney has been slowly removing content in order to move their expansive collection to the new platform. This move has also helped the subscription rate for Disney+, as fans want to continue enjoying their favorite Disney entertainment and need to subscribe to Disney+ in order to do so.

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Disney+ has created several pieces of original content, one category they have created are behind the scenes documentaries which show fans various Disney jobs ranging from Animal Kingdom Zookeepers all the way to Storytellers at the Disney animation headquarters.

Not only does Disney+ create docuseries, but they also create original scripted series such as Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Just Beyond, and The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. These series are a big help when it comes to attracting subscribers, as more people will want to watch something if there are good ratings or tiny cute Grogu’s behind it.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers
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Time will tell if Disney+ will surpass Netflix by 2026, but for now we will have to wait and make sure to keep our subscriptions active! If you have not subscribed to Disney+ already, head over to their website or download the app on any of your smart devices.

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