Streaming War Update: Disney Films Are Being Removed from Netflix Brazil

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Netflix and Disney+

Credit: Netflix/Disney

Disney+ is scheduled to reach Latin America in early 2021. While those Disniacs have to wait the longest, there are signs suggesting the transition of Disney films from Netflix to Disney+ will be the smoothest.

Here’s the situation:

  • The Disney collection on Netflix is reportedly rapidly diminishing.
    • Only a fraction of the films remain on Netflix
    • Here are the Netflix search results from January 10, 2020 (as you can see, not all of them are Disney films):
Last Remaining Disney Options on Netflix in Brazil
Credit: Lina Brigagão
  • More Disney films are scheduled to be removed from Netflix Brazil this month.
    • Subscribers are notified with an “expiration date” attached to the film descriptions.
      • The next to be removed are Zootopia, Mulan, and High School Musical.
      • Here’s how the notification appears on these movies:
Mulan at Netflix platform
Credit: Lina Brigagão
Zootopia on the Netflix platform
Credit: Lina Brigagão
High School Musical on the Netflix platform
Credit: Lina Brigagão

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The Good and Bad for Disney Fans

The most complicated aspect of the streaming wars is the situation behind existing streaming contracts. In the United States, Inside the Magic reported on films disappearing from Disney+ and prohibited from joining Disney+ because of pre-existing contracts. 

Since Disney+ is not available in Brazil and other Latin American countries until the first quarter of 2021, that gives The Walt Disney Company more time to ride out the rest of those contracts and get all their horses back in the stable. So, when Disney+ finally debuts, subscribers might get a more complete and solidified list of options than what is available right now for America, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand.

Still, Disniacs all over the world are waiting for Disney+ in pure frustration. And now, they are being told they’re going to lose access to the few Disney films left.

One São Paolo resident, Lina Brigagão, told Inside the Magic:

“It’s frustrating, as a Disney fan, to have to wait longer to have access to Disney+. Especially now, when I can’t really watch Disney content any other place.”

Disney+ arrives in Brazil and elsewhere across Latin America in 2021.

When does Disney+ reach your country? Have you started to notice Disney movies leave Netflix too? Let us know in the comment!

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